Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving with These Festive Cocktails

In her heartbreakingly poignant novel First Frost, Sarah Addison Allen writes, “It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” With fallen leaves carpeting everyday paths, chilly nip in the air, autumn comes marking the beginning of the end. It is no wonder then that autumn can perhaps be called the most festive of all seasons, closely followed by winter. And nothing captures autumnal spirit better than Thanksgiving. As the Thanksgiving spread inches out the empty space on your dining table, we bring to you a select few cocktails to go with your festive meal:

  1. Fall Fashioned- Tis’ the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. It’s time to spruce up your Thanksgiving spread with this autumn special take on a classic Old Fashioned. A simple combination of Jack Daniel’s, simple syrup with a splash of the very festive apple cider makes a perfect glass of the Fall Fashioned. We say, why not begin your celebrations with this celebratory drink.

  1. Kentucky Mule-What’s a US holiday without some Kentucky Straight Bourbon? Perfect for a get together with close friends and family, the Kentucky Mule combines the goodness of bourbon with some good ol’ vodka and a squeeze of lime. A simple but hearty drink, this whisky cocktail is sure to add cheer to your evening soirees.

  1. The Chancellor-As the festive spirit descends upon us all, it is time to indulge ourselves a little. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking the drink is a stiff one. The sweetness from the port wine marries beautifully into the smokiness of scotch in The Chancellor. This gorgeous red pour with hints of golden from the whisky is all you need to celebrate the year’s beginning of the end.

  1. Hot-Choc Irish Coffee-The air is nippy and soon, it’ll get cold enough for Santa to come hurtling along on his sledge. But, are the adults to get no gifts this season? Surely not! Here’s a spiked hot chocolate that can survive nights of movie marathons and game after game of Scrabble. Just dunk bitter chocolate chunks in a steaming mug of Irish coffee and you’re all set for the night. Sing, play, drink, repeat.

  1. Bourbon Mapletini-There, there, all you party animals. We couldn’t compile a list of Thanksgiving special cocktails and forget you, can we? Jazz up your martini this fall with the sweetness of maple syrup and the warmth of bourbon and lo! You have a Bourbon Mapletini that’ll keep you on your feet and have your guests asking for more too!

  1. Whiskey Harvest-Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie go hand in hand. Why not channel the goodness of pumpkin pie in a whisky cocktail? Impossible? Nah! This cocktail, on the contrary is quite a deal in bringing festive fervor to your holiday spread. Get your shaker out now, spoon in some pumpkin butter, allspice liquor, lemon juice and rye whisky. Shake it till you get this stunning orange concoction that’s guaranteed to take you to heaven with every sip!

  1. Cider-Whisky Sangria-If you’re planning for a date night, then chances are you’ll want pour yourself and your partner a fancy drink. This whisky-infused cider sangria, with chunks of apples makes for a perfect date night drink. A perfect riposte wine sangria, this cider-whisky concoction it one worth remembering, hours after the last swig has been taken.

This fall season, leaf through your recipe book and prepare the choicest recipes with these stunning whisky cocktails for company. Share a laugh or two with your loved ones, let the warmth of closeness light up your evenings, and make memories of a lifetime. Happy thanksgiving, everyone!