Spirits of Islay in the states: Port Askaig Set for Release in US

This week brings good tidings for all single malt lovers in the US. Port Askaig is set to release their elegant single malt in the states. This is great news especially for peaty whiskey lovers as the first in the line of whiskeys to be released is the Port Askaig 110° Proof.

Port Askaid’s whiskeys are crafted from specially selected casks from different distilleries all across Islay. All whiskies that come out of Port Askaig are quite exclusive and are bottled in small batches. Almost as few as two, and no more than 40 per batch. Port Askaig 110° Proof is a cask-strength whisky. It is bottled at 55% abv and are matured in American oak with a lot of finesse. The whiskey is intense yet elegant, citrusy and fresh, and full of strong character which reveals the complex and charming nature of the stunning Islay Scotch whisky. Islay whiskey displays a wide array of flavors, starting from light honey to sea spray. All those flavors are accompanied by a strong hint of peat and smoke. These flavors define the Islay Scotch whisky and that is why Port Askaig maintains the authenticity and quality of the whiskey that goes out of their distillery by not adding any color or using chill filtering methods.

Sam Filmus is the president of ImpEx Beverages, the brand that will be importing the whiskey. He said that they are really looking forward to bringing Islay’s Scotch whisky to the U.S. since they are growing popular every day. He added by saying that the whiskey’s uniqueness and the people devoted to the brand are the reason that Port Askaig’s whiskeys will be a success in the U.S. The Port Askaig 110° Proof is going to be available at almost all the popular Scotch whisky retailers from October. It will be priced at $74.99.









 but more will follow, including US exclusives, in the next few years.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017