A Spirited Event: The New England Whisky Festival

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.”

                                                   – George Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw was one of the most prolific writers of the 19th and early 20th century, who held whisky in high esteem. He lived on whisky, swore by whisky, and composed his works all thanks to his genius, and whisky. We can hardly ignore the contribution of the litres of whisky consumed, as they led to the creation of ground-breaking literature, earning Shaw the Nobel Prize.

Whisky has survived the Prohibition era, with the grit of the people who refused to see this golden tipple disappear. The legacy of whisky has been carried on by multiple brands across multiple topographies. The heritage will never be lost, as long as there are people thirsty for a dram or two of this grand spirit, be it a cold winter’s night, or after just another tiring day at work.

The New England Whisky Festival, is the culmination of this glorious legacy of whisky - where thousands of people meet every year, not just to drink and make merry, but to really celebrate whisky. The New England Whisky Festival dedicates this day to the evolution of whisky. People have the opportunity to learn more about whisky from craft whisky distilleries like Jack Daniels and Bully Boy. They can also glean knowledge from chefs, about what to eat with their drink, and how they can create the latest trends in the world of whisky. 

Being held for the 4th year in a row, at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island, the New England Whisky Festival is a much awaited occasion on the whisky calendar. The festival brings together scores of whisky distilleries, the respective brand representatives and the much needed suppliers. They exhibit their latest whisky products, the current trends and their interesting innovations. The guests attend with a lot of enthusiasm and actively take part. Live music and entertainment keep the guests on their toes, and there is never a dull moment.

This adults-only event allows you to sample some of the rarest malts, bourbon and scotch, from the best distilleries across the world. You need to be at the New England Whisky Festival, to taste a dram each of the Highland Park Valkyrie, Clynelish Select Reserve 2014 Special Release, the Dalmore Constellation 1964, or other such limited edition spirits. Hosted by the world renowned bartender Steve Schneider, from the esteemed Employees Only cocktail bar in New York/Singapore, the grand tasting is an experience you will never forget.

The festival also features a ‘Flair Bartending’ session, where you get to witness the tricks and flicks that a bartender employs to keep his clientele entertained and engaged. Pick up a few tricks if you can, but make sure you practice at home. The whisky and food pairing demonstration is also a popular attraction, as we often keep wondering what would complement our drinks best. Attend an interactive session with a chef, and he can guide you on how to create your next party menu. You can also take part in the seminar on ‘making creative whisky cocktails at home’, so that you can create your signature cocktail, for the next family gathering.

Moreover, if you are interested in learning about the American Whisky industry, what better opportunity than to hear about it directly from the local craft whisky distilleries. Let distilleries of the stature of Putnam New England Malt Whisky, share their thoughts with you. Learn what they feel about the flourishing whisky industry, the upcoming opportunities, the hiccups along the way, and where they think the American whisky industry is headed.

As the festival keeps on rolling at full swing, the bands play on, entertaining the guests and keeping them in the groove. The Houston Bernard Band performed at this year’s New England Whisky Festival, churning out gritty numbers of country music. They just left us wondering, if their name is indeed a “royal salute” to Bernard Shaw, a man who enforced in us the love for whisky.

The festival is a grand success every year, and every guest leaves in high spirits. So let’s raise a toast to yet another successful New England Whisky Festival, and to the next year’s instalment, where we hope to see you having a good time.