Southern Comfort Launches the Spirit of New Orleans

Southern Comfort, an American liqueur that is now owned by Sazerac Company, has announced that it will be launching “The Spirit of New Orleans” as a means to making a comeback to the city. The brand has also announced that it will be including whisky in the blend again.

There have been several other attempts at enhancing the brand identity like the introduction of a black label expression that boasts 40% alcohol by volume. The brand already has 70 proof and 100 proof bottles. The revamped bottles are taller and a bit narrower, although it will retain the iconic fluted shoulders and the original signature. Moreover, adding to the packaging enhancement will be an upscale cap.

Southern Comfort has a long standing relationship with New Orleans, and so does Sazerac. Back in 1874, legendary southerner and creator, MW Heron, had produced the first batch of the Southern Comfort. For this, he used a blend of spices and fruits. In around the same time, Sazerac had been making its presence felt with the Sazerac Coffee House on Exchange Alley in the French Quarter.

Senior Marketing Director of Sazerac, Kevin Richards, states, “We believe the new packaging reinforces the brand’s authentic whiskey and New Orleans roots. New Orleans was an integral part of Southern Comfort’s positioning for decades. We’re excited to reinforce that critical connection into the future. Like Southern Comfort, New Orleans is adored for its uniqueness and spirited character.”

The new packaging and the new black label expression will be made available in the US this year summer, and will be rolling out globally by the end of 2017. The retail prices in the US for Southern Comfort 750 mL is $15.99 (70 proof), $17.99 (80 proof), and $19.99 (100 proof).

Whisky News source date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017