Sing away cold January blues with 100 Pipers

While there’s nothing better than having a tall, ice-cold drink on a long, sunny Indian summer afternoon, winters are a different story. It’s the time when your heart yearns for a warm hearth and a woozy drink. But figuring out how to add a dash of your favorite liquor to a hot beverage can be challenging. So, today we go over several ways you can sing away the winter blues with one of India’s favorite whisky brands – 100 Pipers.

The reasons for picking up 100 Pipers Whisky are simple; it’s grainy creaminess and malt flavors make excellent cocktails. Also, note that you can adjust the following recipes in a ton of ways – making them stronger or weaker – and even substitute flavors if you wish. So, let’s begin.

The White Nun

The White Nun

Wintertime is whisky time, and the White Nun is a delicious, creamy affair made of coffee liqueur and 100 Pipers Whisky. For prepping up the drink, you will need a steamer. Add whole milk and whipped cream in equal parts to a glass before adding coffee syrup to taste. You can make it stronger or keep the caffeine content down for flavoring only. Now add whisky to your preference and steam the base of the glass. And you are all set for a cozy afternoon.

The Buttering Ram

The Buttering Ram

This whisky cocktail takes a few ingredients but works as a battering ram against winter chills, hence the name. We have a good rule of thumb for making the drink, add half a stick of butter for every 2 cups of water in a pan. Add a dash of salt and brown sugar to taste along with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Bring the mix to a boil before cutting the heat and simmering it for about 10 minutes. Now add the 100 Pipers Whisky – 30ml to 50ml should do – and pour for yourself and your better half.

The Hot Ward 8

The Hot Ward 8

A warm whisky cocktail dating back to the 20th Century can be the best respite from the winter chills. You ask why? Because the planet was much cooler back then, so the chills of today won’t stand a chance. However, this one’s a little tricky, and you need to plan for it. Take an orange and a lemon and extract the zest (avoiding the pith) and marinate it in a bowl of sugar. Let the mixture sit overnight. Even if it looks a bit gooey, don’t add water, the chemical reaction will turn it into a syrup.

Now that you have the syrup, add a dash in your mug, add the 100 Pipers whisky along with some bitters and pomegranate juice and top it off with boiling water. The Hot Ward 8 in hand, you are all set to sing your favorite tunes even with a snowstorm at your door.

Make sure you try your hand at one of these warm whisky cocktails if, like us, you too like the smokiness of 100 Pipers. Salud!

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