Season Specials: Four Must-Watch Movies with Whisky

Winter makes us lazy. Winter makes us want to stay in bed, wrap ourselves in thick blankets, and watch films. It doesn’t matter if we have just woken up, or if it is post lunch. We are not going to ask you not to indulge. Instead we will tell you which five films you must watch this season and how you should absolutely pair them with good whisky. So go ahead and grab the DVDs right away.

Lost in Translation

In this 2003 Sofia Coppola film, Bob Harris, an aging actor, ends up in Tokyo to advertise the Suntory 17-year-old Hibiki whisky. A lot happens in Tokyo but essentially what remains long after the film ends, is Bill Murray’s still celebrated “Suntory time” moment. Although you should ideally be having a Japanese whisky while watching this beautiful movie,you could alternatively settle for a Chivas Regal 25.


This 1974 Roman Polanski film has revolutionized noir as a genre. Jack Nicholson’s command over the character of Jake “J.J.” Gittes and the beautiful cinematography makes Chinatown a must-watch for everyone. While you are watching this classic,we recommend you try having 100 Pipers Whisky to ease the tension and fully grasp the brilliance of the film.

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson’s beautiful color palette and compelling storyline will keep you enchanted for the one and half hour that it runs. But what’s more, you will love to have a little Paul John Whisky while watching it. While we could tell you why they would pair well, it is better that you figure it out yourself. The Darjeeling Limited is not just a movie, it’s an experience.

Inglourious Basterds

The one reason why you should be downing The Glenlivet 12 while watching this Tarantino blockbuster, is the particular scene where Michael Fassbender gives himself away by ordering a dram of 33 Year Old Highland Scotch in a very British fashion instead of German. He also quips, “I must say, damn good stuff, Sir.” Not convinced yet? Let’s just say you will really need the Scotch to balance all that gore!