Royal Salute: What is the Circular Blending Method?

Royal Salute 21

With the release of their latest limited edition expression, the The Eternal Reserve, Royal Salute also announced their most recent creation, the Circular Blending method. This new method was developed by the masters at Royal Salute to ‘create a whisky that will live forever’.

Over the years, many Royal Salute expressions have been released at momentous occasions for the British Monarchy, with whom the brand shares its heritage. There aren’t many Scotch whisky brands in existence that could claim they were created, quite literally, for royalty. It is a rare title that only the Royal Salute brand can claim as their own.




The very first bottle of Royal Salute was commissioned by Sam Bronfman, then owner of Seagram’s, to be presented to Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation. He intended to create a whisky that would be fit to be presented to a Queen.

Since then, Royal Salute has released a number of expressions that have each made their mark on the Scotch whisky industry, elevating the standards for all other Scotch whisky brands. The Royal Salute 21 was the first, followed by Royal Salute 32, Royal Salute 38 and the Royal Salute 62. They get their names from the Gun Salutes fired in honour of the Queen on the days of utmost importance for the Monarchy.

Much alike the days and events that inspire their names, these blended Scotch whiskies are unlike any other, created with utmost precision and with some of the rarest and oldest whiskies at hand.

Royal Salute Eternal Reserve

With the release of the 21 Year Old The Eternal Reserve, Royal Salute have pushed the boundaries for the blended Scotch industry once again. The Circular Blending Method was devised to help the Chivas Brothers create a whisky that was not only astonishing, but to help create something truly remarkable.

Through the Circular Blending Method, the house of Chivas ensures the legacy of their iconic spirit lives on for centuries. It makes sure that every esteemed owner of a bottle of Royal Salute’s The Eternal Reserve can get a glimpse of a historic excellence in the art of blending whisky.

What is the Circular Blending Method?

This is a unique and innovative method of blending whiskies that is poised to revolutionize the industry, and the Chivas Brothers have acted as the catalyst for this new movement.

The very first batch that inaugurated the Circular Blending Method for Royal Salute was released in 2015, and moving on, every small-release batch of this incredibly rare whisky will contain spirit from every batch ever created.

Here’s how the experts at Chivas Brothers created the very first batch of Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve, and how they shall be doing it in the future.

Luxurious and rare whiskies matured for at least 21 years were combined and blended to perfection to create the blend for Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve. Only 88 casks of this breath-taking spirit exist, and another series of similar 88 casks were created by the Master Blender.

After marrying this spirit, some amount of the blend was held back and returned to the original 88 casks, to be stored at the Royal Salute vault at the prized jewel in the Chivas crown, the Strathisla Distillery.

Royal Salute

For every batch of Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve released in the future, the blend will be married with the whiskies from the Royal Salute Vault, before returning some amount to the casks again.

Through the Circular Blending Method, the Chivas Brothers have created a technique that will ensure the survival of their rich tradition, made richer by the passage of time and combination of their finest spirits.

More about The Eternal Reserve

Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve is bottled in a painstakingly handcrafted porcelain flagon, a particular phenomenon when it comes to most Royal Salute bottlings. It would be criminal to bottle a whisky this remarkable in a bottle that hasn’t been crafted, detailed and finished by hand, and the people at Chivas Brothers understand it.

Every single porcelain flagon from Royal Salute is a work of art that takes days to prepare from scratch and the grandeur of the spirit is reflected perfectly.