A Risque Affair: 7 Top Moonshine Recipes of All Time

National Moonshine Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday in June, which is almost here. But what is moonshine? It is basically a high-proof distilled spirit that is also popular as white whiskey, white lightning, or hooch. Illegal back in the day, you can find this clear concoction just about everywhere today. Once you get hold of a bottle of moonshine, you can try having it on the rocks, or out of the jar, or simply use it as the base of a cocktail. Here are seven moonshine recipes you should try this year:

#1 Moonshine Margarita:

When you think of a margarita, you inevitably recall a standard margarita you'd sip at a local bar or restaurant. But no, mi amigo, there are some fantastic recipes you must try. If you want to start with an easy one, try the moonshine margarita. You’ll simply have to add moonshine, lime juice, syrup, triple sec, and ice and shake vigorously. Take the blend and pour it over ice in a salt-rimmed Ball jar, garnish it with a slice of lime, and your moonshine margarita is ready.

# 2 Blueberry and Moonshine Popsicles:

Making ice creams at home is a pain in the neck, but have you thought of popsicles? There’s no excuse to not make popsicles. How about having fruity, boozy, whiskey-spiked wonderfulness? Yes, I’m hinting at blueberry and moonshine popsicles. In a measuring pitcher, combine pureed blueberries, lemon juice, and syrup. Add the moonshine and pour the blend into a popsicle mould. Insert popsicle sticks and leave them to freeze. Remove them from the mould when solid, store in freezer bags, or serve right away.

Here’s a tip for you: While making boozy pops, pour lightly, because alcohol, particularly moonshine, makes the pops fragile.

# 3 Watermelon Mint Shine:

Watermelon, mint, and lime make a marvellous match. How about having all three together in your afternoon drink? Just muddle lime wedges, mint leaves, and agave nectar in a glass. Add watermelon, ice, and moonshine and shake well. Strain the mixture into a Collins glass. Garnish it with a watermelon slice and mint sprig and you’re done.

# 4 Dreamsicle Moonshine:

I bet you have never tried using coffee creamer in your cocktail before. You’ll need vanilla, moonshine, orange juice, sugar, and powdered French vanilla coffee creamer. Bring the vanilla extract, sugar, orange juice, and coffee creamer to a boil. Let it cool and then add the moonshine. Once done, bottle, store, and drink it when you want.

# 5 Chocolate Moonshine:

Want something chocolaty? If you wish to try boozy shots which taste like chocolate milk, try this chocolate moonshine cocktail. Simply combine Everclear, dark chocolate, and cream. It’ll just take you 15 minutes to prepare a bottle of this chocolate moonshine blend. Toss the mason jars or bottles into the refrigerator or freezer when it has cooled completely. Take it out and indulge in this sinful drink.

# 6 Ginger Snap:

This ginger snap cocktail is perfect for any time of the year. You’ll just need apple pie moonshine and ginger ale. Build the cocktail in a Ball jar filled with ice and stir well. Garnish it with a slice of green apple and serve. You’ll find your guests begging for more in no time.

# 7 Lemon Blueberry Moonshine Slush Cocktail:

Isn’t a summer party incomplete without a refreshing cocktail? Assuming that you would want a drink that cools down your system, here’s a cocktail inspired by a bourbon slush that could be slightly tweaked. Put in your own spin by using moonshine. The balanced lemonade and blueberry combination will surely make your guests crave more.