J. Reiger & Co. recently announced the reincarnation of their centennial brand, Monogram Whiskey. The company plans to release it annually and in limited quantities. The 2017 edition is limited to only a 1000 bottles—of which 600 have been distributed in Kansas and Missouri, and the remaining 400 in 14 other states. Each bottle is priced at $100.

According to proprietor Andy Reiger, who revived the business in 2014, stated that the new batch does not replicate the old whiskey’s taste. Talking about the Monogram collection, he adds, "If someone gets a 2017 and a 2018 bottle of Monogram, they'll be able to compare them side by side and taste the differences.” The 2017 edition is said to exude notes varying from dark fruity and nutty to spicy and caramel, with a buttery finish.

The label has been specially designed to evoke the brand’s heritage and proof of quality.

The 104-proof whiskey is a blend of 9-year old corn whiskey and 11-year old rye whiskey. These were finished in 100-year-old sherry botas—sourced from Williams & Humbert—for 18 months. Inspired by the ‘solera’ system followed in Jerez, the resident sherry expert Steve Olson used a unique fractional blending system to craft the whiskey. The 500-liter casks were also painted black to spot leaks.

In association with Hotel Vandivort and The Order, the distillers will host a release party on April 27, this year. For $55, patrons can enjoy an educational tasting experience, with appetizers, free gifts, and more.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017