The echelon of collectibles is witnessing new milestones with surges in the luxury whisky market. Given the growing demand, an investment in the booming whisky market seems alluring, with the arena offering promising returns. With the rare whisky prices on an ever rising mode, the ‘liquid gold’ is clearly the new investment spirit with the growing global demand.

Whisky’s emergence as a luxury item has been growing steadily over the years and is paving way for investors to take the risk to invest in rare whiskies, and toast to the new opportunities in the luxury whiskies market. Hence, the rise in investment fund companies, trading in luxury whiskies makes complete sense.

The Single Malt Fund from Sweden, Stockholm is thought to be the first ever platform for publicly traded, whisky investment and is due to be listed on the Stockholm’s exchange list in March 2018. Founded by Christian Svantesson, a whisky enthusiast, this Swedish fund is the proud owner of an enormous collection of the rarest whiskies. It gives its investors an opportunity to purchase from the discerningly selected, limited-edition whiskies. Investors will have a priority over the general public to select from the sale, which will be managed through the website.

Approved for launch in the Nordic Growth Market, and to be supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Single Malt Fund will be a unique, regulated and publicly listed entity, one of the world’s first. It will currently be open to the Swedish investors only. Slated to liquidate after six years, this quirky asset is targeting an annual return rate of 10 percent.

Mr. Svantesson believes, his inspiration for the Single Malt Fund stems from his own passion for whisky. He said, “Knowing how much my own limited rare whiskies have appreciated in value, I spotted an opportunity to take a more professional approach to the whisky investor market,” He further added, “With global demand for rare whisky continuing to soar, I hope that our fund will make the rare whisky market more inclusive and accessible for even more rare whisky enthusiasts.”

Whisky News source date: 
Thursday, March 8, 2018