The Quirky, Chic Farzi Café at the Heart of New Delhi

Address: 38/39, Level 1, Block E , Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Contact: +91 9599889700; 011 43551028

Price for two: Rs. 2,200 (approx.) with alcohol

Connaught Place, the bustling, central hub of New Delhi is known for its restaurants, markets, and boutiques. Popularly referred to as CP, this central piazza of Lutyen’s Delhi is always buzzing. And, as the night draws in, CP becomes even livelier. Connaught Place, built in 1933, was named after the Duke of Connaught, a member of the British royal family. The market was designed by Robert Tor Russell in collaboration with WH Nicholls.

The business centre is an entry point to Lutyens’ Delhi Presently, Connaught Place, with a green centre and white rimmed edges, is regarded as one of the best living spaces in contemporary Delhi.

Located in the heart of this urbanity is Farzi Cafe. It is the modern Indian Bistro. The place is known for its elegant decor with modernized presentation of its dishes. The cafe focuses on gourmet dinners and aims at bring the Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”. It amalgamates Indian and traditional global classics with ambiance, culinary styles, contemporary presentations, and Indian influences. Farzi Cafe generously introduces culinary art with an alchemy of cooking techniques and modern presentations. It will be fair to say that the place absorbs its guests into the gastronomic illusion.

With moss fabric walls and a sprawling brown room, modern sensibilities are beautifully emphasized by a collage of golden flatware and tall window. Food comes in creative platters, mason jars, briefcase, toy trucks, branches, wood slices, and trowel.

The extensive Scotch list is a delight for whiskey connoisseurs. The menu includes — Teacher’s Highland CreamBlack Dog 12 years, Black and White Whisky, Grants Family ReserveJohnnie Walker Red Label, J & B RareBlack Dog Scotch Whisky, Monkey Shoulder, Royal Salute 21 Year Old, among others.


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