The ‘Punny’ Whisky: Kuchh Nai Scotch Whisky

Imagine you’re out pub-hopping and reach the point where you are at the last bar for the night, and don’t feel like drinking anymore.  So you say “kuchh nai” (nothing) when asked for what you’d like. What you receive though, is a beautiful glass of whisky. Baffled? Don’t be. For the uninitiated, Kuchh Nai is a blended scotch of British origin, translating into as mentioned, ‘nothing’ in Hindi. Talk of cross continental influence on whisky-making and you have Kucch Nai to grace the throne.

Owned by the Jabble family who migrated to England in 1962, Kucch Nai is blended from highland malts along with Islay’s peaty whisky for a smoky, heathery spirit embodying the essence of the hills.


‘Spiritual’ Expatriate in London...

The brand Kuchh Nai was initially floated in London by a company by the name Five Rivers International in the year 1996. Post its launch, the name attracted a lot of attention, going beyond the obvious Indian customers who could relate to its name. A US trademark was registered for the brand in 2001, however it lapsed within two years. Yet, this incident was not the end of the road for Kuchh Nai.

The distillery at Glasgow changed hands and came under the ownership of Kuchh Nai Marketing Ltd, an England based company. This company first hauled the Canadian market before making its way home to India in the year 2012.


Tasting ‘nothing’...

Kuchh Nai is a top-of-the-line blended Scotch whisky. The whisky is characteristically smooth and mellow on the tongue. Aged in oak barrels with fresh glacial water from mountain springs, this scotch whisky is a gorgeous shade of amber running into traces of deep mahogany. Its full-bodied richness is said to be “old fashioned”, one that lingers on your palate long after it has been consumed. This rich blend has a nose that is a melange fruity spicy freshness.


‘Nothing’ Wins You Over...

The self-described exclusive Scotch whisky derives its name from the common practice of turning down or hesitating to accept a drink or offer of food, in a bid to be polite. The common Hindi phrase “Kuchh Nai” may literally imply nothing, but in whisky terms, Kucch Nai ticks all the right boxes, and may well be touted as ‘everything’ a whisky lover looks for in a good peg of blended scotch.

The deliberate pun in the name was intended to bring a smile on the face of whisky lovers while adding humour to the act of whisky drinking. The wittily named brand certainly offers a moment of cheeky satisfaction to its consumers on ordering.


On An Ending Note...

Currently sold in several markets including India, Canada, Australia, and the UK, the Jabble family plans to launch Kuchh Nai in East Africa as well.  Well, those who have taken a sip of this luxurious blended scotch know its worth and are willing to vouch for its goodness. Till then, here’s raising a toast with ‘nothing’ and wishing it makes more whisky lovers across the world happy.


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