Premium Whiskies in India Priced under 3,000

There are whiskies you save for special occasions and then there are whiskies that are part of your daily commission. But sometimes a blend or single malt is both special and affordable enough to make the daily fare. In today’s post, we share a selection of 5 premium whiskies under 3,000 to elevate your drinking experience. From quality bourbon to a decent Irish and a solid Scotch, you will find everything on this list.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

The triple distilled blend is one to have on your shelves. If you love Irish whiskey, it doesn’t get better than a Jameson. This fruit-noted whiskey, renowned for its signature smoothness, gives a long, milk-chocolate finish. Jameson Irish Whiskey costs 2,605 in Rajasthan, quite affordable for the quality you get.

Ballantine's 12-Year-Old

For whisky lovers who are partial to sweeter blends, we recommend the Ballantine’s 12-Year-Old. This honey-hued whisky is blended using whiskies from Glenburgie and Miltonduff and about 50 other distilleries. Best had with a little honey, lemon and lots of ice, the Ballantine’s 12-Year-Old costs around the 2,700 mark in Delhi.

Jim Beam Black Label

This rye-heavy bourbon with its fresh-cut hay notes takes you to the cornfields of Kentucky. If you love bourbon sours, Jim Beam Original goes beautifully with lemon juice, lime soda, and a spoonful of sugar. You can get this Jim Beam Black Label premium bourbon from duty free shops at an affordable 2,290.

Dewar’s White Label

A blend of 40 different whiskies, the Dewar’s White Label was born to make a classic highball. With notes of honey, pear and citrus the whisky works wonders when mixed with some soda, ice and a lemon slice. Whisky lovers in Rajasthan can get the Dewar’s White Label for a pleasant 2,075. The price in neighboring states also approximates around that mark.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Blended from 25 of the finest whiskies from around Scotland, the Black Dog Triple Reserve excites a whisky lover’s palate with its myriad flavors. Starting with sherry-vanilla sweetness, the whisky leads to a light, woody-fruity palate with hints of peat. It’s best had with cocktails like the Old Fashioned which pronounce its sweetness. The whisky is priced at 2,100 and above in most north Indian states.

So, there you have them, the best whiskies under 3,000 you can savor. Do note that the prices of these drams may vary based on quantity and location as India doesn’t have a unified excise policy for liquor sale. However, the price fluctuations are minor except in some southern states, like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, and hill stations. Happy Drinking!

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