Picking up the Right Liquor for Holi 2021

The festive season is upon us, and if you are a social butterfly then it’s time for endless after-work drinks, cocktail parties and big night outs. But how do you make the occasion exciting when it’s your turn to play the responsible host?

Well, picking up an exciting selection of liquor for your friends and family, along with some classic cocktail recipes and Desi snacks will definitely do the trick. While most people will be more than satisfied by whatever you serve, we advise that you do not skimp on the quality. Good quality liquor always raises the spirit, and it is gentler on the system as well. So, let’s start there.

Picking up some quality liquor

Fortunately, the Indian whisky scene offers a range of excellent choices when it comes to balancing fun and funds. Here are the top premium whiskies you can pick and score some brownie points as the party host.

Imperial Blue: An ultra-smooth expression, loved by several generations of Indians, you can never go wrong with this fine blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch. Your guests will be delighted by the smooth finish of Imperial Blue with caramelized honey and vanilla lingering on the palate.

Royal Stag Barrel Select: With refined notes and a slightly smoky flavor, the Royal Stag Barrel Select evolves the fruity palate of the classic. A choice you won’t regret when picking up a premium Indian whisky for your Holi party.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection: Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is already one of the most refined, premium whisky in the market. The Reserve Collection ups the ante with its full bodied, mellow, well-balanced notes of fruitiness and soft smoky character.

Once you have the liquor sorted, it’s time to decide “how much alcohol to buy?”

Quick tips for serving liquor

Serving liquor in adequate quantities not only helps you pre-plan but also keeps your guests from getting intoxicated and missing out on the fun. But portion control remains a total mystery for most people. Obviously, the amount of liquor served depends on the time of day and the type of party. Liquor consumption at an evening holiday party will be much more than a late afternoon brunch after the Holi celebration.

As a starting point, assume 2 drinks per person for the first hour, and 1 drink per person per hour for the remainder of the celebration.

Here’s an example of our calculations for serving 12 guests during a 5-hour party:

-      First Hour: 2 drinks each, total of 24 drinks

-      Remaining 4 hours: 1 drink per hour, total 48 drinks

So, plan for 72 servings in total, and have an extra stash ready for unexpected joiners.

Always have food and some non-alcoholic drinks available at your parties. If possible, ask your guests about their favorite libations or serve the snacks at your discretion. For non-alcoholic drinks, pick ones with lower sugar content and try to include fresh citrus juices if possible.

With all that in the bag, you are all set to host a great Holi 2021 celebration. Cheers!