Pernod Ricard recently unveiled their latest recruitment campaign, titled Mindset. The campaign features four short minute-long videos, which highlight small stories about Pernod Ricard employees and their “mindset”, which saved the day and ensured great success.

The four short videos have actor Robert Hoehn as the narrator. Hoehn is the co-director of the popular “What the fuck France” viral videos where he ridicules the French and their customs and traditions, all in good taste though. He maintains the same eccentricity and humour, while he talks about the four instances when Pernod employees with a strong and agile mindset, achieved more than anyone could expect of them and tasted success.

The four success stories elaborated in the videos, illustrate the mindset of the employees, where both excitement and geniality while dealing with a nearly impossible-to-solve situation, combined with commitment and passion, helped them reverse the situation. In the 2nd episode, titled Scotland, Hoehn talks about Ronnie and Steven, the two employees who saved the Miltonduff distillery by themselves. Ronnie and Steven, armed with just shovels and sandbags, fought against fate, rerouted the flow of a flood back to the river, and stopped the rainstorm from flooding the entire production site.

Pernod Ricard has successfully incorporated “conviviality” as one of the core values, transforming their work culture and making employees’ take pride in a key element of their identity. It was in 2015, after Alexandre Ricard was appointed the CEO that Mindset was officially defined, and was named a strategic priority along with growing results.

Olivier Cavil, the Group Communications Director, explained how their 18,500 employees are always encouraged to grow, improve, take risks and be brave. The Mindset series exhibits exactly that. The videos show how the Group “goes beyond traditional corporate communication codes to bring employees’ value and dedication to life”.

Results of the recent Willis Towers Watson independent study reveal, that 88% of the 18,500 Pernod employees, are not just committed but highly committed, and 96% of all the employees are more than proud to be affiliated to the organization. These results exceed all company benchmarks in the FMGC industry, and are testament to the fact that Mindset can truly enable employees to make a difference.



Whisky News source date: 
Monday, August 13, 2018