Pernod Ricard Launches Bourbon Finished Cognac

Pernod Ricard unveiled a new House of Martell spirit comprising VSOP cognac, the first ever spirit to be matured in French oak casks, and finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks. The Martell Blue Swift made its debut in London at the inaugural Cognac Show, reinventing the cognac after centuries.

Claiming to be the first ever cognac house to ship its barrels to the country since 1783, this unique spirit celebrates the historical links that Martell and the United States of America share.

Interestingly, this spirit is known as an ‘Eau De Vie De Vin’ – and not cognac. However, it came to be known as cognac simply because it uses the word ‘Cognac’ on its label. The double distillation process that Martells follows, produces high-quality and pure eaux-de-vie, which allows the spirit to absorb the aromatic hints more effectively from the Kentucky Bourbon oak casks.

The Martell Blue Swift Cognac bottle is one of a kind too. The sleek, cylindrical bottle breaks out of the conventional designs and blends the old world charm with the new.  In a way, it imitates the shape of bourbon casks. The cut glass work created elaborately on the base evokes the classic, crystal decanters of the bygone era.

Rich with notes of candied fruit and plum and an inherent sweetness of vanilla and toasted oak, the Martell Blue Swift is truly exclusive. It can be served neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails. Martell Blue Swift stays true to all the primary characteristics of the spirit. When served on the rocks, the spirit emit oaky, charred notes that are usual in a bourbon.

Martell’s Cognac is thick and fruity on the palate and has a smooth, long finish, typical of Kentucky bourbon casks.

Martell Blue Swift is priced at £45.00 (US$61.80). It is now available in the UK, and to buy from The Whisky Exchange, Waitrose and as well.



Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2018