Seasonal Fruit Whisky Cocktail – Peach

Seasonal fruits have become a huge draw with mixologists over the years. Getting the most out of their ingredients is one thing that makes mixologists and bartenders one of the most talented people in the world.

Exploring the complexities and layering of flavours and aromas can be achieved best with fresh ingredients. In order to enhance this possibility, and to offer our readers the best experience with their favourite whisky cocktails, we are now presenting an opportunity for you with the best recipes that include seasonal fruits as ingredients.

Incorporating fresh fruits as ingredients into whisky cocktails can work wonders when done right. Since Peach is one of the best seasonal fruits from the monsoon season, we present five of our favourite Peach whisky drink recipes for you with some innovative applications, and some modern spins on classic whisky cocktails. Let us begin with the first Peach cocktail on our list, the Whisky Peach Smash.

Whisky Peach Smash

Whisky Peach Smash

This refreshing Peach drink is made all the better by the addition of whisky, turning it into the perfect boozy delight for a lazy day. We are pretty sure you might end up just making yourself a pitcher full of Peachy goodness! This is quite a simple recipe with no more than five to six easily available ingredients, and do you know the best part? The preparation will take you not more than 5 minutes. Whether it’s a delicious Peach whisky drink, or even an Irish Lemonade, one always appreciates a recipe that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to make.

Don’t be mistaken by how simple this Peach cocktail recipe is, because it is just as delicious as the most elaborately put together cocktail. The original recipe calls for the use of Bourbon whiskey, but since they can be difficult to find out here, we suggest substituting it with Blenders Pride whisky instead.

To make yourself a glass of the Whisky Peach Smash, you will need the following ingredients;

Blenders Pride Whisky – 60 ML
Large Peach Fruit (Diced) – 1 pc
Brown Sugar – 1 Tbsp
Mint Leaves – 7-8 pcs
Chilled Soda – To fill
Peach slices – For garnish

Let us get started and learn the easy preparation for the Whisky Peach Smash cocktail in five easy steps;

Step 1: Add the diced Peach fruit, half the mint leaves and brown sugar to a cocktail shaker.

Step 2: Gently muddle the ingredients, then add the Blenders Pride whisky and mix well.

Step 3: Fill the shaker with ice-cubes and shake well.

Step 4: Strain the mixture into a Lowball glass filled with ice cubes. Fill the glass up with chilled soda.

Step 5: Garnish the drink with a Peach slice, and the rest of the mint leaves.

Five easy steps, and your glass of Whisky Peach Smash is ready!

Ginger Peach Whisky Drink

Ginger Peach Whisky Drink

Since we are on the subject of delicious whisky and Peach drinks that one would love to drink from large pitchers, here is another one of our classic favourites. If we are talking about instant whisky cocktail, the Ginger Peach Whisky drink deserves a special mention.

All you need are four ingredients to prepare this simple, refreshing cocktail full of goodness. Peaches and ginger make for a wonderful combination of flavours, and you know how whisky is just the cherry on top of an extraordinary cake. This Peach whisky drink can be mixed instantly, and directly into a cocktail glass. So you can rest assured that not even the lack of fancy bar equipment will deter you from enjoying a delectable whisky cocktail.

Here are the four simple ingredients you will need to prepare the Ginger Peach Whisky Drink;

Royal Stag Whisky – 30 ML
Peach Crush – 60 ML
Chilled Ginger Ale – To fill
Slice of Peach fruit – 1 pc

Here is what you need to do to make yourself a glass of Ginger Peach Whisky drink;

Step 1: Add the Peach Crush and Royal Stag Whisky to a Highball glass, and stir gently.

Step 2: Pack the glass with ice cubes, then gently add the chilled Ginger Ale to it.

Step 3: Stir very gently for a few seconds, and add the Peach fruit slice for garnish.

Whisky Peach Tea Punch

Whisky Peach Tea Punch

Peaches, we think, are the perfect cocktail ingredient since we have another classic on our hands with this one. The Whisky Peach Tea Punch puts a phenomenal spin on the delicious meal companion, the Peach Iced Tea! Zesty, chilled and with just a hint of mint leaves are all the right components just waiting for whisky to complete them.

Iced teas are perennial favourites, and there are loads of interpretations of this wonderful drink. Some prefer a Lemon Iced Tea, whereas some love a Cherry Iced Tea. Pretty much all fruits can be used to flavour your very own iced tea but we have found nothing on the level of Peach Iced Teas. Since we are exclusively talking about Peach whisky drinks today, it is only natural that we help you make a large pitcher of this tasty drink.

So here is what you will need to prepare a large pitcher of Whisky Peach Tea Punch;

Blenders Pride whisky – 400 ML
Black Tea – 1500 ML
Sliced Peach Fruits – 3
Powdered Sugar/Sugar Syrup – 5 Tbsp
Lemon Juice – 2 Tbsp
Mint Leaves – 4-5 sprigs
Lemon Slices – For garnish

Once you have all the ingredients, we can proceed towards making the Whisky Peach Tea Punch;

Step 1: Add the sugar syrup, Blenders Pride whisky, lemon juice and half the mint leaves to a large pitcher. Gently muddle the ingredients a couple of times, and then stir well.

Step 2: Once the ingredients are mixed well, fill the pitcher with ice cubes and stir gently for a few seconds until the mixture is chilled.

Step 3: Now add the cooled down black tea, and continue stirring for a few minutes.

Step 4: Garnish the drink with the remaining mint leaves, and lemon slices.

Peach Old Fashioned

 Peach Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is one of the oldest whisky cocktails to have still retained its popularity, and for good reason. The flavours are divine, the preparation is quite straightforward and of course, whisky. Traditionally, the Old Fashioned is prepared with the Orange fruit, but since we are opting for a seasonal ingredient, let’s make ourselves a glass of the Peach Old Fashioned whisky cocktail.

So here is everything you need to fix yourself a quick Peach Old Fashioned;

Imperial Blue whisky – 60 ML
Peach Juice – 30 ML
Orange Bitters – 2 Dashes
Peach Fruit – 2 Slices (1 Diced)

Now that we have our four simple ingredients, we can begin preparing the Peach Old Fashioned in four easy steps;

Step 1: Add the diced pieces of 1 Peach slice into a cocktail shaker, and muddle it.

Step 2: Now add ice into the shaker, and followed by the Orange bitters, Imperial Blue whisky, and Peach juice.

Step 3: Shake well, and strain the mixture into a Lowball glass filled with 1 large ice cube.

Step 4: Garnish with 1 Peach slice, and enjoy your Peach Old Fashioned.

Peach Whisky Sour

For our final whisky cocktail with the seasonal Peach fruit, we are going with another classic whisky cocktail, and giving it a new spin. The Peach Whisky Sour is yet another quick, and simple incorporation of our fruit of the season into an existing whisky cocktail, elevating it even more.

The original recipe for this Peach cocktail calls for Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey, but you can substitute this with a quality Indian whisky too. Our suggestion would be either opting for Blenders Pride, or Royal Stag. These are both really smooth Indian whisky brands, and can help you capture the right flavours for your Peach cocktail. So without further ado, we shall go over the ingredients you might need to whip up a nice glass of Peach Whisky Sour for yourself;

Royal Stag whisky – 90 ML
Peach Liqueur – 60 ML
Lemon Juice – 30 ML
Sugar Syrup – 60 ML
Peach Slice – 1 Pc

The Peach Whisky Sour is one of our preferred cocktail recipes since the 3 step preparation can be executed by just about anyone, even people with no prior experience with mixing cocktails. Let’s begin with this recipe;

Step 1: Add Royal Stag whisky, Peach Liqueur, Lemon juice and Sugar Syrup to a cocktail shaker.

Step 2: Shake well, and strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice.

Step 3: Garnish with a Peach slice, and be prepared to make a few more of these because that will happen.

That concludes our list of the five best whisky cocktail recipes with Peach, our seasonal ingredient of choice this monsoon. The Whisky Peach Smash, Ginger Whisky Peach Drink, Whisky Peach Tea Punch, Peach Old Fashioned and Peach Whisky Sour were our top five recommendations. Which was your favourite?