Oldest Tomatin Scotch Conjures the 60s Euphoria

Highland scotch producer, Tomatin has opened one of its oldest casks to release the Tomatin 50-year old Black. Wealth Solutions, a collector’s club, announced that it acquired the bottles and has released 88 of them for sale.

Released as a limited edition, Wealth Solutions has ensured that Tomatin 50-year old Black is adjudged as a valuable collector’s item and a worthy capital investment. Apart from the liquor’s quality itself, it is boxed in a protective case and the decanter is specifically engraved and numbered. As an add-on, the company is also giving away a special book about the Tomatin distillery, written by Martine Nouet, a renowned author and whisky enthusiast.

The Tomatin vintage has a unique flavour profile resulting from the slow maturation in Spanish sherry saturated oak wood for half a century. According to Martine Nouet, the Tomatin single malt has epitomised the whisky of its time. She describes the flavours as “earthy, fungal, spicy and fruity notes only found in the oldest eaux-de-vie.” The sherry oak aging has infused the whisky with rich woody and spicy, which is much appreciated by premium scotch aficionados.

The Tomatin Distillery, where this rare liquor comes from, has been releasing old whiskies, such as the 32-year old and 40-year, since the past decade and a half. The latest single malt has become the oldest ever launched by them. Established in 1897, this Highland Scotch distillery is well known for sticking to traditions. According to the official website, 80% of the employees live closer to each other and form a big family, working and celebrating life together.

Tomatin 50-year old Black marks the age when hippie movement had just begun, and the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix defined music. It will surely allow whisky lovers immerse themselves in the euphoria of the 1960s while they enjoy the rich flavours of the single malt.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018