Awesome Ways to enjoy 100 Pipers Whisky

100 Pipers whisky holds the title of being the seventh largest blended Scotch whisky brand worldwide. It is the embodiment of the Scottish legend that lends its name to this blended Scotch whisky.

Produced by blending nearly 30 source whiskies together, this exceptional drink is named after a whimsical Scottish adage that when you taste a good whisky, you can hear a piper play, but only when you taste a truly exceptional Scotch whisky can you hear 100 Pipers.

The 100 Pipers whisky blend is a smooth Scotch that carries a fruity aroma with hints of vanilla and honey. It enjoys an immense popularity in countries such as Venezuela, Australia, Spain, Thailand, and most importantly, India.

One of the more elite brands available in the Indian market, 100 Pipers is the trusted brand for people who enjoy a mellow, full bodied drink that can be taken neat, as well as mixed with different beverages such as soda, ginger ale, and even soft drinks. Another variant of the 100 Piper’s is the 100 Pipers 12 Years old aged for a minimum of 12 years in quality oak casks.

This deliciously popular Scotch whisky adds a touch of class and elegance to just about any occasion it’s a part of. So simply find a bottle of 100 Pipers whisky and grab a snifter because we’re bringing every excuse you can use to sip on this beauty.

For Every Notch on Your Belt

Pour yourself a celebratory dram of 100 Pipers whisky to savor a professional accomplishment such as closing a big account, a promotion, or just about anything that furthers your drive for professional excellence.

How to Drink 100 Pipers

Revel in the fruit of your hard work with a much-deserved helping of 100 Piper’s smooth fruity and smoky tasting notes, kicking back to hear the majestic sound of a 100 Pipers playing music.

Begin Your Whisky Tasting Journey

Everyone needs to begin somewhere, and if you have set your sights on learning more about the art of tasting, and appreciating a good Scotch whisky, there are no better ways of beginning your journey with a glass of 100 Pipers whisky.

Occasions to Drink 100 Pipers

If you’re wondering how to drink 100 Pipers, do not worry for no rocket science is involved. All you need are a Snifter, a glass designed to accentuate the process of tasting fine whisky. Pour a few drops of water to unlock the aroma and taste of the Scotch.

Impress the Boss

Few situations in life match up to the high-pressure situation that is having a drink with your boss, since things could either pan out perfectly, or go terribly wrong.

Reflecting a seasoned and elegant taste when ordering your drink will definitely earn brownie points with your superior. It’s for moments like these that 100 Pipers whisky was developed, crafted to perfection by blending multiple varieties of the finest whiskies from all over Scotland.


Commemorate every anniversary with a drink that will never allow you to forget another! For a one of a kind recipe, try this magnificently zesty concoction called the Orange Cinnamon Whisky Smash.

How to Drink 100 Pipers Whisky in a cocktail

All you need is a cinnamon stick, an orange, soda and some 100 Pipers whisky to create this cocktail. Break the cinnamon stick, and add it to the shaker. Add 30ml orange juice, 60ml 100 Pipers whisky and some orange zest and shake it up.

100 Pipers Whisky in a Cocktail

Pour it into a glass over ice, and add some soda to the mixture. Garnish with an orange slice and there you have it, the Orange Cinnamon Whisky Smash. The perfect choice for a romantic occasion such as an anniversary or simply enough, a date night.