Lovers of single malt whiskey will be heading to Green Oaks on March 17 and 18 2017 to sample North Shore Distillery's custom blends and cocktails. The owners of North Shore Distillery, husband-wife duo Derek and Sonja Kassebaum have organized two evenings of drinks and entertainment for single malt patrons. Entry to the fest is free, but the whiskey sampling will cost about $12 per serving.

In a news release, Sonia shared that they have been organising the annual whiskey fest for the past four years. She said, "We've been making single-malt whiskey for many years, but we've not started selling it yet. Every year, we pull a sample and share it with people to see how it's doing. We're getting close to being ready to release it."

Whiskey patrons will also get to enjoy special cocktails and Irish specials and participate in the taste-discussions. The event will have a tasting room and cocktail bar for this purpose. Along with this, whiskey enthusiasts will be able to take a tour around the distillery for free. The tour will start at 4 PM on March 18.

For those who wish to stick around, the Kassebaums have organized a comedy night on March 23, when for $35, people will get to watch and listen to the stand-up comedian Jay Harris, over cocktails and light snacks. There will additionally be a charity event on March 25, where proceeds will be donated to an organization that will distribute diapers to people in need in Lake County. The fundraiser has been named Bottoms Up for Babies. For $65, people will get to enjoy live music over two cocktails, spirit tasting, distillery tour, hors d’oeuvres, and a table of sweets.

The Kassebaums began making spirits in Lake Buff, back in 2005. It was only last year in the summer that they shifted to their current address at Green Oaks.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017