NOLA’s In-House Signature Whisky

The current times are dedicated to global whiskies. The Australian craft whisky scene especially over the last two decades is booming. As reported by WhiskyInvestDirect, the whisky sales surged in Australia surged by 11% in 2016. Contributing soon will to it will be the Australian NOLA bar.

NOLA bar in collaboration with The Exchange have created an exclusive, in-house Scotch whisky in three barrels of 16 litres each, blending whiskies from Bowmore, Laphroaig and Auchentoshan. Each unique whisky coopered in the former Seppeltsfield wine barrels along with the venue itself makes it unique. Besides, these can exclusively be availed at NOLA.

NOLA promises a signature blend with diverse influences that includes the venue, the people, the wood, the music that will build the character of this whisky. The top-shelf barrel is result of the collaboration with McLaren Vale Distillery’s John Rochfort, who offered a newly made spirit that Oliver Brown, venue co-owner is confident will age in two years.

Oliver Brown pouring a dram to share the aging of the spirit said, “Looking at it after four months, I’m expecting something pretty special. I reckon it will be really rich, a lot of that port coming through, and I think it’ll be a pretty world-class single malt”.

The second barrel boasts of combining wheated bourbon, rye whiskey, basically an American whiskey, and barrel strength bourbons in a barrel washed with Laphroaig.

Co-owner of NOLA, Oliver Brown further adds, “People have been playing with how whisky ages and what effects it – temperature, and people have been playing music and sonic sounds to vibrate the whisky, so it has different contact with the wood and ages faster. It’s our way of capturing the entire environment into a whisky in South Australian barrels, that then people can come and drink and can only get here.”

As they said, all good things take time. Whilst, this Australian whisky builds its robust flavour profile for a year or so, you can still have a quick taste of this sweet, dark, caramelised goodness at the bar. NOLA has truly gone the extra mile by putting their producers and distillers on the global map and paying obeisance to the growing Australian whisky industry.


Whisky News source date: 
Monday, January 8, 2018