Nero: Blend in With the Black

Folks in Delhi are always trying to find an alternative to the TGIF-farmhouse experience that has thus far defined the city’s party life. These alternative jaunts are preferably those which offer a recluse from discotheques and pubs blaring upbeat music. Nero at Le Meridian is one such place – a haven if you are looking forward to a quaint, relaxed evening over a few drinks. The bar exudes modern rococo and sequins – its ebony interiors complementing the dimly-lit ambience.

The 75-drink long cocktail list will leave you spoilt for choice. A quick huddle with the bartender is always a good idea to zero in on your poison of your choice. They mix a wicked Whisky Sour with bourbon, along with a classy Rob Roy. Whisky lovers can also order in a good ol’ Old Fashioned, or a time-tested Manhattan. If scotch makes your day, do order a mean Rusty Nail. Apart from an extensive list of cocktails, the bar also boasts an impressive wine and scotch list to choose from.

The cocktail programme at the Nero offers a range of sparkling cocktails, with some innovative twists to classics like the Negroni. Several Italian liquors also inspire cocktails on this list – from the earthy Grappa to sparkling wines. If you feel peckish after downing a few drinks, please feel free to order some grub from a wide range of tapas available as part of the bar-side menu.

Le Meridian, at the perimeters of Lutyen’s Delhi is a favourite jaunt of the political junta. Yet, somehow, the Nero remains to be the preferred dwelling quarters for those who want to throw back their heads and sip on a few delicious drinks. Be there!

Le Meridien, Windsor Place, Janpath, New Delhi
AVERAGE COST: Rs 3,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017