The Naked Grouse Re-launched as Blended Malt

A blended malt has been specially designed for “older millennials”.  The Naked Grouse, which was initially launched in 2011 as a blended scotch, has been re-released as a blended malt for millennials. The original collection was billed as a ‘smoother, sweeter’ rendition of The Famous Grouse. The current release is a standalone offering brewed from a variety of grainless malt whiskies.

Single malts are rapidly gaining popularity. With bartenders demanding whiskies with an enticing and distinct flavor, The Naked Grouse came up with this variant which is not only accessible in terms of its pricing, but also in line with consumer preferences. The blended malt incorporates the uniqueness of multiple single malts while ensuring the eccentricity of a standalone end-product.

The brand’s marketing team confirmed that this release was an attempt to change the brand’s image in line with changing demands and preferences of bartenders and customers. While the Famous Grouse was a mix of Smoky Black, Mellow Gold, and Black Grouse Alpha plus 16- and 40-year-old blends, its newest presentation is curated from select malt whiskies, which include Highland Park, Macallan, and Glenturret. With a 40% ABV, the expression has been aged in first-fill American and European oak casks. In contrast, its preceding variant was a blended Scotch matured in first-fill Sherry casks. Post the initial maturation, it is finished in first-fill oloroso Sherry butts for another six months.

The Naked Grouse blended malt is served with a cherry-based soda or cola. Its tasting notes comprise hints of cooked apples, fudge, and cherries. A bottle has been priced at £25 and has been out in the global market for sale from early August.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017