Music Concerts to Attend On Scotch Day 2018

It is a given that you will be drinking plenty of scotch on International Scotch Day. Question is, what else will you be doing that day, or for that matter the next two days? In case you haven’t got around to figuring that out, we have a brilliant suggestion. But, first things first. Let’s acknowledge the fact that music and scotch go hand in hand. Count the number of times that good music and good scotch lifted the blues on those days when you couldn’t bring yourself to get out of the house. So you played Jack Johnson and drank The Glenlivet on your couch to deal with all that was weighing you down. Remember the times you entertained friends and family with a Lagavulin or Talisker, and held long conversations while Chopin played on your soundsystem. Chances are, countless memories have been made over scotch and music, so we suggest you make a few more on this International Scotch Day.

What started only recently in 2017, had a surprisingly large impact on the whisky industry. The idea of the International Scotch Day was conceived in honour of the legendary Alexander Walker, son of John ‘Johnnie’ Walker, who exported the fine liquor across geographies. His birthday was on the 8th of February, so one of the industry leaders only deemed it fitting to celebrate Scotch Day from the 8th of the month. The same company also opens up its vast archive of more than 5000 bottles. Although the archive is off-limits to visitors throughout the year, it makes an exception from 8th to 10th February, for the first hundred people who buy tickets. It is the same for a few distilleries in Scotland but if you miss the chance to buy any of the first hundred tickets, you simply aren’t going on a whisky tour this International Scotch Day! Take heart though because instead, you can go attend a music concert or a gig and we promise it will be amply fun and satisfying.


In the USA

If you are in New York City this February, you should definitely drop by the Brooklyn Steel. For  20 USD, you can watch Girlpool, Land of Talk, and Forth Wanderers perform live. If you haven’t heard of them, well, Girlpool’s a band from Los Angeles who primarily make folk punk music. Land of Talk is an indie rock band based in Quebec, Canada. But the main reason you shouldn’t miss out on the gig is because of Forth Wanderers. An indie quartet making dreary pop music with soul-wrenching lyrics, Forth Wanderers can provide the freshness that gels so well with good scotch.

If you land up in Chicago around 10th of February, go listen to Thurston Moore, who’s performing at the Constellation that evening. Although he is part of the Sonic Youth band, this is his solo event and if you like post-rock music, there is no worthy reason not to attend. So book a ticket, pack your favourite scotch and make the most of Moore’s experimental tendencies.

However, if you are a Lady Gaga fan, you better book your tickets to her concert at The O2 Arena. You have approximately 19 days, so start making arrangements already for the four day long concert. Her unconventional and borderline provocative work might just be the kind of change you are looking for to accompany your scotch.


Concerts In India

Now if you live in Pune, India, you are going to be in for a real treat. VH1 Supersonic is just where you need to be if you want to celebrate International Scotch Day with the right balance of different kinds of music. Think EDM—Major Lazor, Marshmallow and Dillon Francis. Imagine Indian bands creating experimental music—Nucleya, Parekh and Singh, and Soulmate. Supersonic is the music concert you need to be at if you want to witness live performances of both Indian and international artists. From all the people who have attended the Supersonic festival before, it is a unique experience altogether. Imagine downing neat drams of Chivas Regal while watching Alt- J play in front of you. We bet you are going to come back a changed person!