Most popular whisky brands in India


A drink that first originated in Scotland has found its name etched on the global map. Such is the allure of whisky. Having spanned geographies, the drink has established itself in India. The spirits' popularity is multiplying with many local manufacturers distilling this famed malt. India too is home to many whisky brands that are immensely popular among whisky lovers.


Let's take a thrilling tour of the most popular whisky brands in India.


1) Antiquity

 Pioneered in 1826 by Robert Stein, Antiquity is a well-known brand in India. The brand curates whiskies that are particularly known for their unique taste. A single glass of Antiquity whisky will introduce you to a fine balance of grain whisky, malt and rich wood with hints of peat and heather. The brand continues to distill the whisky in copper pots, as per Scottish tradition.


2) Officer's Choice

 This is a name to be reckoned with in the world of Indian Whisky. Offering a strong blend of Indian malt spirits, the brand has gained recognition across the globe. Today ‘Officer's Choice’ whisky is sold in over 18 countries. Its popularity is the result of a rare and rich flavor profile. One where rich smoothness meets textured potency.


3) Rockdove

 This is premium whisky at its finest. Rockdove lays great emphasis on the quality of its whiskies. From the aroma, color to taste, everything is balanced to offer an unforgettable experience. Characterized by a sparkling golden yellow color and smooth and light taste, this spirit proves to be every whisky lover's delight.


4) Director's Special

 Whisky from handpicked malt and barley can only come from Director's Special. This famous whisky brand has over 40 years of experience under its sleeve. This has led them to create whiskies that offer a glorious fusion of malt, whisky and neutral molasses spirits. Just pour yourself a glass to experience bliss.


5) McDowell's No. 1

 Manufactured by United Spirits, McDowell’s has established its popularity among the masses. It has a unique texture that comes from a blend of imported scotch, premium grain spirits, and Indian malts. Fine quality, great taste, and a layered texture make this brand popular across the globe.


6) Imperial Blue

 Established in 1997, Imperial Blue is the 2nd largest Whisky brand in India. The smooth texture coupled with subtle flavors of wood and fruit comes from a blend of Indian grain spirits and scotch.


7) Royal Challenge

 There is nothing quite like a glass of whisky that is rich and smooth. Royal Challenge whisky is all this and more. Charred American oak casks are filled with a combination of scotch, Indian malts and grain spirits to create magic in a glass.


8) Bagpiper

 A whisky brand that is both iconic and legendary. Bagpiper whisky is made from scotch and Indian malts. A unique earthy character and a malty aroma are what set this whisky apart from the rest.


As a whisky lover, you should try each of these brands at least once. If you want to know more about popular whisky brands or hidden gems then head to Whiskypedia - a platform for whisky lovers by whisky lovers.