Mix Like a Master: 10 Essential Bar Tools to Own

A home bar is a nifty addition to your newly done up living area.  It affords you the convenience of entertaining guests at the comfort of your own home, without having to venture out into bars in the city. You can avoid spending a pile on overpriced cocktails, and the headache of figuring out who drives back. A sophisticated home bar is a neat way to jazz up your interiors – and it does not have to be a hassle to set up. Here is a list of equipment to help you shake up the perfect cocktail. These are indispensable for running your bar smoothly, and without a hiccup.

This is what you will need to use to measure out your liquor for a cocktail. It is usually double-sided, with different sized cones on each side. The smaller cone has a measure of 30 ml or less, while the larger cone contains 60 to 90 ml. Unless you have years of bartending experience, it can be difficult to estimate quantities without measuring them. Simplify the process with a good quality jigger – those with rubber in the middle lend a firm grip to avoid spillage while pouring.    

Cocktail Shaker

For cocktails that need to be shaken and not stirred, a cocktail shaker is a must. One made from rust-proof stainless steel lasts long, and prevents odors and stains from ingredients from remaining in it. There are a host of choices on the market – some have a built-in strainer and a tight seal for an overall smooth job. Opt for the one that suits your purpose the best.

Mixing Glass

On the hand, if you prefer cocktails that are stirred, not shaken, you will certainly need a mixing glass. A 750 ml volume is a good size to choose. Again, you can select from a range of glass or steel glasses that are on offer. Some are dishwasher-proof too, for minimal mess while cleaning up.

Bar Spoon

Another must-have in order to stir or layer your cocktails, as well as help fish out ingredients from a jar. A bar spoon has a long shaft and a spiral handle for easy twisting, and you will never want to be without one after using it.

Cocktail Strainer

When pouring out the cocktail you have mixed into a glass, you never want the ice shards in your mixer or shaker to end up in the finished drink. A cocktail strainer saves the day in such instances.

Bottle Opener And Corkscrew

This is a no-brainer, but so simple that it is often overlooked. A bottle opener that also functions as a corkscrew is essential when a guest brings over that fabulous bottle of Merlot which happens to be sealed with good old cork.   

Ice Accessories: Cube Tray and Bucket

Again, fairly obvious, but you’ll be amazed how often guests have to drink warm, room temperature cocktails at a house party because the host forgot to keep trays for ice cubes in the fridge. An ice bucket also helps bottles of wine and beer stay chilled when served to groups or tables.

Paring Knife

A sharp, good quality knife is handy for slicing limes and cutting up other ingredients that go into your cocktail. Whether it’s a wedge of citrus for garnish, or diced fruits for a luscious sangria, a knife is just the thing to help you get there.

Lemon Squeezer

Unless you are using pre-mixed lemon concentrate, this useful tool will help you get the most out of your limes and lemons. A squeezer does the job quickly and easily, to achieve that perfect balance of tart and sweet in a mojito.

Cocktail stirrer or straws

And for the finishing touch, some dainty cocktail stirrers so that your guests can swizzle their drinks. Using straws lets them do that, while giving them the choice to sip their drinks through them at leisure, if they so wish.

Happy hosting!