Minnesota's Best: All About the RockFilter Distillery

Christian Myrah, a local Minnesota farm boy will officially be opening The RockFilter Distillery in June 2017. It is set to sell some of Minnesota’s finest whiskeys.

Myrah is the founder, majority owner and the head distiller of RockFilter Distillery. He expects to be selling to liquor stores, bars and restaurants by early next year and might even possibly manage by the end of this year.

The distillery will have a cocktail room which will have whiskeys and cocktails available for purchase. It will also have samples to complement the tours for the distillery, which will commence as well.

Myrah stated saying, “It’s an agricultural venture that adds value to agricultural products.” There are three silent partners other than him, who own the distillery. His plan is to eventually expand and distribute to other states.

The first batches of the distillery will be made using organic corn, rye and oats raised by Myrha and his father, Leonard Myrah. He added that they will also use a variety of other grains such as sorghum and wheat, which have also been grown organically. An advantage for the distillery according to Myrah, is that the area’s limestone formations are favourable in producing fine whiskeys. Lime-stone filtered water has often been cited as a vital contributing factor in the success of producing whiskeys, especially in areas such as Kentucky, the birthplace of the nation’s bourbon. The distillery at a later point might make additional variants of spirits such as brandy.

The RockFilter Distillery is located on 113 Maple Drive, Spring Grove, Minnesota 55974.

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Friday, June 9, 2017