McClelland’s: Bottling Excellence Since Years

A Rich History

Single malt whiskies from the land of Scotland have always been a whisky enthusiast’s delight. However, when it comes to embracing the true essence of the Scottish whisky regions, the name that comes first to mind is McClelland’s. Just like their whisky, McClelland has a rich history that stretches back to the days of old Stanley P. Morrison’s whisky dynasty. McClelland's was established in 1818 in Glasgow as a whisky blender and exporter. The blending and exporting business of fellow Glasgow company T & A McClelland was acquired in 1970 by Stanley P. Morrison Ltd, the history of which dates back to the commencement of Bladnoch distillery in 1817. 

With this acquisition, the brand McClelland’s was formed. It was in 1986 when McClelland’s first launched an array of unidentified single malt expressions. The first launch was an immediate success and due to its high demand, a Speyside expression was introduced.

Scotland has always been one geographical area with key distilling producers and McClelland’s range provides a chance to explore four major distilling areas of Scotland. The first to be introduced with a Speyside edition was Highland, Islay, and Lowland bottlings in 1999, followed by a 12-year-old Speyside in 2008. The brand underwent a major packaging makeover in 2007 as the portfolio was re-launched. Regarded as one of the most premium whisky brands worldwide, the brand is now owned by Morrison Bowmore Distillers since 1970. Beam Suntory, a Japanese brewing and distilling group is the parent company since 2014.

The Unique Factors

McClelland’s Single Malts earned an excellent reputation for its light golden coloured whisky with an aroma that was “all Islay” with charcoal, burnt oak and charred syrup. The pleasant aroma is known to leave a mesmerising effect on the drinker establishing a strong connection between the brand and the whisky enthusiast.

Besides the quality of the whisky, McClelland’s has always been recognized for their impressive creative packaging. All of McClelland’s Single Malt whiskies are available in cardboard canisters that feature a stunning landscape by British illustrator Kathy Wyatt. The landscape precisely reflects the place in Scotland where the whisky was distilled, which brings out the true aura and character of that region. The bottles also come with a label that reflects the landscape as the canisters.  The overall packaging with its beautiful landscape illustration has worked out well with single malt Scotch whisky lovers over the years, as it offers a pleasurable drinking experience.

A Decent Market Grasp 

With years of business operation, McClelland's has been able to spread its export market to a great extent that includes the US, Canada, France, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, South America and Sweden. Their rich taste with a pleasant aroma and of course, their unique ‘landscape’ packaging has earned them a good market reputation. In the U.S., McClelland's apparently holds a decent market position in the single malt whisky domain behind Glenlivet, Glenfiddich and Macallan.

The New Member in the Family

Owing to overwhelming consumer response, the brand took a step further by adding a 12 year old Speyside malt to their family of malt whisky. The age old malt was launched in 2008 worldwide at a realistic price. The brand wanted to provide their customers an opportunity to trade-up from the core McClelland’s malts and experience the regional difference of Islay, Speyside, Lowlands and the Highlands in an aged single malt whisky. 

Delivering an Enthralling Experience

Operating globally, McClelland’s malt whisky has retained a certain gamut of loyal followers over the years. Moreover, one of the interesting reasons for its popularity among a wide number of customers is that it is regarded as the perfect ingredient for fishing in Scotland. Fishing offers a wealth of opportunities for salmon, brown trout and sea trout angling and a glass of McClelland’s is believed to enhance the entire the fishing experience in that region.