Malt Whisky Companion by Michael Jackson

The Book from the Legend’s Shelf

Once a journalist who turned to writing about beer and whisky, the late Micheal Jackson has been the darling for all drinking enthusiasts. Be it his influence on popularising the brewing culture in North America, or his first book, ‘The World Guide To Beer’ being considered as one of the most fundamental books in beer circle, Jackson has been a known name in the spirit world. He was arguably one of the most influencing writer on whisky whose professional review often paved the way to settle in-bar debates on ‘who’s drink is better’.

The ‘Malt Whisky Companion’ in its seventh edition stands out with over 1000 whisky reviews arranged from A-Z that includes the rare vintages from 1920’s. Often referred to as the essential guide for any whisky connoisseur, the book starts with an introduction ‘Why malts? An instant guide to the pleasures of the pursuit’. A vivid description of why malt whisky is so popular worldwide, sets the right mood for a reader to look forward to the rest.

Thirst Quenched the Right Way

Every enthusiast of this tipple often looks to compare their taste with others and this book quenches the reader’s thirst quite extensively. Not only can you compare your own tastes with Jackson’s notes but can also get to know about comparisons of whiskies from both Scotland and around the world. The late English writer’s sheer love for whisky makes him present facts so precisely that it would instill in you the desire of making a trip to Scotland. The book provides a sort of analysis of reviewing whiskies in terms of its taste, aroma, flavour, colour and more, and helps the reader understand the reasons of choosing Islay, the Islands or the Highlands.

The late legendary writer treats ‘Malt Whisky Companion’ like a literature book as it lets the reader know the origin of malt, evolution of world whiskies and also talks about the new ones across the world. The book has been updated by whisky experts Dominic Roskrow and Gavin D. Smith whose dedication reflects their pledge of carrying forward the legacy of the legend. This book not only educates a newbie in this genre but also upgrades the knowledge of an expert.

Touching the Right Chord

Passionate lovers of this much loved-drink across the world have one thing in common – collection of a diverse variety of whiskies. Jackson touches the right chord with them in ‘whisky as an investment’- a small section in the book. Here the reader is informed about the right storage temperature, bottle positioning and how to maintain a meaningful theme for the collection.

The great man’s take on individual distilleries remains a unique aspect of this title. One of the key talking points of this book was its overview of every malt distillery of Scotland. Also, owing to the rich knowledge of the author, readers get a comprehensive knowledge of all the components that goes into the making of whisky. The Whisky Companion talks about the process of manufacturing the spirit, the woods and barrels, peat and smoke and much more. Further, this book is packed with tasting notes of a wide range of brands from the expert besides over 500 new bottlings reviewed.

The Perfect ‘Whisky’ Read

Just like the magical drink, this title has several flavours. One of them throws light on the trends across the globe. It informs the reader about the speciality of Japanese whisky and explains the reasons why the country is being regarded as the best producer of whisky in the world.

Besides the several important sections of the book, the ‘A-Z of Single Malts’ remains the highlight for the reader, several whiskies in the world have been rated under a scale of 100. If you are a true malt whisky lover, this book should be in your hand rather than your wish list.