The 40 Year Old Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky matured in exceptional sherry casks has now been launched.

This Highland offering is a combination of dried fruit, ginger, cinnamon and woodspice exclusively matured in hand-picked casks from Jerez de la Frontera, an Andalusian Spanish city. The Oloroso sherry casks made from seasoned oaks impart a rich, fruity, and full-bodied flavor to the whisky. This accentuates its richness and character, making it an unparalleled Highland single malt, distinct from the previous releases of this range.

The distillation and maturation process is interesting. But what sets it apart from other Highland distillery offerings is the use of sherry casks. An ageing process of 40 years in these casks completely transforms the whisky.

This 40 Year Old Macallan has been bottled at 44% ABV. The liquid has an appealing shade of dark copper on account of its eccentric choice of base ingredients, a combination of cinnamon, dates and figs. The aroma resonates with that of sherry, ginger, chocolate and wood smoke, among others. The initial taste is smooth and soft on the spice count, with hints of citrus, wood smoke and dried fruits. The finish ends up being exceptionally long, rich and chocolaty. A straight up drink of The Macallan 40 Year Old is its best serve. However, if you prefer making your drink a little mild, go ahead and add a splash of water. This releases the flavor of the alcohol, making it a drink as good as its perfect serve.

This range was release in December, last year and seventy bottles have been reserved for sale in the US.

Whisky News source date: 
Thursday, February 1, 2018