Lucky Bastard Launches Straight Malted Rye Whisky

Lucky Bastard Distillers, producers of a wide selection of spirits and liquors in Saskatoon, Canada have announced the launch of a new range of malt whiskies. The first to be released is a Lucky Bastard Straight Malted Rye Whisky followed by the Lucky Bastard Single Malt.

The whiskies can be purchased exclusively at LB Distillers. It is also available to the customers who participated in the Lucky Bastard Whisky lottery organized in January, 2017. Due to the high demand and scarce availability of the whisky, the lottery provides an opportunity for customers to acquire a bottle without having to brave the harsh Saskatchewan winter.

Lucky Bastard whiskies will be individually numbered and bottled as Single Cask offerings. The first release is a Straight Malted Rye Whisky (distilled and barreled in 2012), while the second release—a traditional Single Malt, originates from the 2013 batch. The hand crafted whiskies are produced in small batches using Saskatchewan malted grains. Both the Straight Malted Rye and the Single Malt have a 46% alcohol content, aged in charred American white oak barrels for 4 and 3 years respectively. They have not undergone chill filtering to retain their rare and highly distinguished flavor.

Lucky Bastard’s whisky initiative is quite diverse comprising 23 styles of whisky— each with its own unique flavor palate for a diverse drinking experience. The mash recipes are a combination of myriad malted cereal grains, roasts, and even locally grown botanicals and fruits added to the concoction. There are two steps of distillation- the first strips the alcohol from the fermentation and the second makes cuts to allow the crème de la crème of the spirit to be captured. A distillation to 75% alcohol allows the spirit to retain all the notes and flavors of the malt, grains, esters and yeast created in the fermentations. Every barreling is also done with care, depending on the style and flavor profile desired.

LB Distillers has been operational from 2012 since its inception in 2010. They have been involved in handcrafting the world’s finest spirits and liqueurs- including the likes of Lucky Bastard Distillers vodka, Gambit gin and Saskatoon liquor, using locally sourced grains and fruit. While particularly favored in their country of origin, LB Distillers have found a growing following across the world.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, April 24, 2017