London’s Sexy Fish Unveils Japanese Whisky Collection for Tasting

Destination Bar Proud To Host the Event

The fervour surrounding Japanese whiskies has put them at the pinnacle of the global market. Their demand has only surged, as they continue to win accolades from around the world. Upscale destination bar - Sexy Fish in Mayfair, London boasted of having the world’s second largest (Europe’s largest) collection of Japanese whiskies. The Sexy Fish bar is considered as one of the most creative and impressive today, for their trove of Japanese whisky, wonderful events and Asian cuisine.

The bar is home to 358 Japanese whiskies, from everyday expressions to the world’s rare. This popular establishment unveiled the entire stock of Japanese whisky bottlings, to launch the largest Japanese whisky tasting event, earlier in April 2018. These fine and rare bottles have been sourced by the restaurant over many years. The bar’s director, Xavier Landais had decided that each and every bottle should be tasted.

Given the vast collection, the event has been categorised by the distillery and split into nine separate sessions, drawing bartenders and connoisseurs to this enormous tasting. Renowned author and bartender, Tristan Stephenson and Diageo's whisky brand ambassador, Colin Dunn are integral to this tasting event for their expert insights.

This elaborate tasting from all 358 bottles is carried out for them to enable a more understandable menu with all the tasting notes. This would appeal to their esteemed customers, who’d know what to thus expect from each expression. Bifurcating the tasting, distillery wise helped the team comprehend the set of spirits from the same origin and think of them differently.

Landais highlighted the Hakushu 1989 Sherry Cask, - one of the bar's all-time favourites, the Chichibu Chibidaru 3yo, which is 'unbelievable for a whisky this age’, and the Nikka 40yo, which is 'worth every penny'. The growing appreciation and popularity of Japanese whisky makes it a revered form of investment for the whisky collectors, which often prevents them from opening their own rare bottles.

Uncorking all their 358 bottles is a way for the pioneering bar to encourage customers to learn and lead the adventurous decision of tasting and drinking over investing – a space for all to appreciate the Japanese whisky drinking experience. The Sexy Fish bar with this tasting is ensuring that the interest to invest in Japanese whisky doesn’t overtake the art of sampling and cherishing a well-aged whisky.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018