The Little Book of Whisky Tips

Whisky involves so many nuances, both subtle and evident but you have no reason to be intimidated by them anymore. Pick up The Little Book of Whisky Tips and the abundance of useful information will make you appreciate whisky more than ever.

About the author

The author Andrew Langley started writing professionally to complement his work as a photojournalist thirty years ago. His colourful career saw him travel the world, with his works constantly featured in national newspapers/magazines and on television. However, multiple sclerosis forced him to lead a sedentary lifestyle, his adventures mostly translated onto paper. 'Mirror on the Soul' is his first Nathen Turner novel. The second novel featuring Nathen Turner, 'Dark Nights of the Soul', released in 2016. Besides he has authored more than a hundred different food and drink books including many of the Absolute Press Little Books of Tips. So you know the kind of lucidity you can expect in The Little book of Whisky Tips.

As the youngest of three brothers, Langley spent his childhood in the North East of England before graduating with a Physics and Astrophysics Honours Degree from Leeds University. Post his graduation, Langley worked for a decade in the Nuclear Power Industry then joined the Articulated Truck Division of Caterpillar. He wanted to go back to school and an MBA degree was something that caught his fancy. His next move was toward Management Consultancy (specialising in new ventures and the gambling industry) before his health took a toll and he had to call it quits.

Earlier, in tandem with his day job, he founded Langley Photographic Services back in the early 1980's to showcase his work as a photojournalist. With the advent of digital technology the business was renamed LPS Creative Media, thus broadening its scope to include video and TV production. As cameraman, producer and photographer Andrew traveled all over the world, covering stories from places as diverse as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo to tracking down elusive wildlife in the remote Scottish Highlands.

Apart from writing he has multi-faceted taste in wildlife conservation, magic, the supernatural, martial arts, blues music and electric guitar.

As the story unfolds

You might not be knowing whisky as well as you think you do. But fret not! The Little Book of Whisky Tips is surely going to fix that.

This is the perfect little book for all the dram lovers out there. You will see notes on how to how to nose, taste, and savor and even the choice of glassware for maximum appreciation. You will also find a range of food tips to go with your bourbon. Right from soups, casseroles, and desserts, you know what to pair and when. The joy ride does not end here. You get a cache of fantastic cocktail tips too. So this handy little book on how to savour your bourbon is actually a celebration of life itself.