The Perfect Application For Seasonal Fruits – Whisky Cocktail With Litchi

Monsoons are synonymous with abundance, with our appetites undergoing a tumultuous craving for indulgences. Just as the summers are dominated by the king of fruits, the monsoons have their own medley of nature’s bounty. The Litchi fruit is one of the most popular seasonal fruits at their very best during the monsoons.

Litchi, or Lychee is one an immensely popular seasonal fruit in Asia, especially in India, China and other neighbouring countries. Litchi is considered to be a delicious juicy fruit, and its taste has often been described as sweet and tart-y. Over the years, the Litchi fruit has been used to develop some delectable food and drink items. Jams, squash, jelly candies, and even Litchi wines are available in many parts of the world.

The Litchi fruit is loved not only for its delicious flavours, but also for its nutritional content. It is packed with several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In India, the Litchi fruit is a highlight of the monsoon season when it is available in abundance.

The appeal for Litchi has not quite remained restricted to jams, and squash though. Mixologists saw the potential for the Litchi fruit to add a whole new dimension of flavours to whisky cocktails, and they were not mistaken. Litchi makes for an extraordinary ingredient for whisky cocktails, and is capable of playing the central character with as much grace as it can do a cameo. In order to add a sense of thematic delight to our love for whisky cocktails this monsoon, here are our favourite whisky and Litchi cocktail recipes for you!

Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch

Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch

This is a simple yet exquisite Litchi flavoured cocktail that you can prepare within minutes. The ingredients are fairly basic, and includes stuff that one usually has lying around in the kitchen. You can have your own refreshing whisky & Litchi cocktail within minutes!

Here are the ingredients you need for the Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch;

Blenders Pride Rare Premium whisky – 60 ML
Litchi Crush – 2 tablespoons
Cranberry Juice – To Fill
Lemon Juice – 1 Tsp
Fresh Litchi – For Garnish
Mint Leaves – For Garnish

Preparing the Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch;

Step 1: Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with large cubes of ice.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients well with a bar spoon until they are combined well.

Step 3: Strain the concoction into a Highball glass filled with ice.

Step 4: Garnish with pieces of fresh Litchi fruit and mint leaves.

There you go! Your Whisky Cranberry Litchi cocktail is ready to devour.

Sparkling Litchi Cocktail

Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch

Another simple yet delectable whisky & Litchi cocktail that you can prepare in no time. The most important thing about cocktails is the list of ingredients since most people don’t enjoy making them when too many fancy ingredients are involved. For this reason, the Sparkling Litchi Cocktail is the right combination of ingredients, flavours and characteristics. We are using Jameson Irish whiskey for this delicious cocktail, but you can substitute it with Blenders Pride Reserve Collection if you like. They are both incredibly smooth whiskies.

Here is everything you will need to prepare the Sparkling Litchi Cocktail;

Jameson Irish whiskey – 60 ML
Fresh Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp
Litchi Crush – 2 Tbsp
Sugar Syrup – 1 Tsp
Soda – To Fill
Deseeded Cherry – For Garnish

Let’s get started with preparing the Sparkling Litchi Cocktail in four easy steps;

Step 1: Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes.

Step 3: Strain the mixture into a Highball glass, and top it off with soda.

Step 4: Stir the drink gently, and garnish it with a cherry.

Just four easy steps, and your very own glass of goodness is done. We hope you will be preparing some more glasses of Sparkling Litchi Cocktail for yourself in a few minutes!

Litchi Mac

Whisky Litchi Cocktail Punch

Third on our list of the best Litchi flavoured whisky cocktails is the Litchi Mac, another simple delight. This wonderful Litchi cocktail idea uses Litchi flavoured liqueur instead of Litchi pulp, squash or actual fruit. But are the results any different? Not at all. The Litchi Mac brings the same flavours for us to enjoy. The ingredients for this Litchi cocktail are a little fancy, but for that extraordinary end result, it is all worth it.

To whip up a glass of Litchi Mac for yourself, you will need the following ingredients;

Ballantine’s Finest Scotch whisky – 60 ML
Litchi Flavoured Liqueur – 30 ML
Ginger Liqueur – 30 ML

The three-step preparation for the Litchi Mac is as follows;

Step 1: Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake well.

Step 2: Place a large ice cube into a Lowball glass.

Step 3: Strain the mixture into the glass, and voila!

The Litchi Mac is one of our top instant whisky cocktail recipes that you can enjoy sipping on a lazy rainy evening, and make the most of the monsoon season.



A slightly more complicated yet infinitely more rewarding whisky cocktail prepared with the seasonal fruit delight that is Litchi. One might need to make a trip to the market in order to gather all the ingredients for this one, but worry not because you won’t regret it. The Bolan Litchi drink recipe was created first at the Uncle Boons Thai Restaurant in New York. It is a great whisky cocktail to pair with spicy Thai food. If you are looking to pair a whisky cocktail with your meals, look no further.

The Bolan cocktail is originally prepared with Mekhong, a Thai whisky brand. Since this can be difficult to find back in India, we are choosing to go with one of India’s finest whisky brands, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, instead.

Here is a list of ingredients for the Bolan whisky litchi drink recipe;

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection – 90 ML
Granulated Sugar – ½ Tsp
Angostura Bitters – 1-2 dashes
Orange Slices – 2 Pcs
Litchi Fruit – 1 Pc

So if you have all the ingredients ready, let us get started with preparing the Bolang litchi cocktail;

Step 1: Add the Orange slices, bitters and granulated sugars to an Old Fashioned glass, and muddle them.

Step 2: Now add ice cubes to the glass, and pour whisky over the ice.

Step 3: Stir gently, and garnish the cocktail with a Litchi fruit.

Another terrific whisky cocktail is ready to be served!

That concludes our list of some of the best whisky cocktails with Litchi to enjoy this monsoon. Make sure you try them all before the season comes to an end!


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