Khar Social – An Offbeat Urban Hangout

Khar Social is one of Mumbai’s most popular bars. Brimming with people round the clock, the place exudes a relaxed vibe. It is an offbeat cafe to grab a drink after a mundane day at work or let one’s hair down during weekends. The popular Delhi brand “Social” was launched by Riyaaz Amlani and crew. Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have embraced the quirky concept of affordable food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere. The outlet in Khar West is not very different from the rest, but is more spacious with an outdoor seating space and an indoor air-conditioned area. The menu is similar to that which is served in other Social outlets. Often this bar in Khar gets packed post sundown with young working adults who throng the place in hordes to hang out.

Khar Social makes sure that diners return to the place not only for the drinks and satisfying meals but also for the dimly-lit and classic ambience. This bar is a must visit for folks who want to unwind with food and drinks at rates which do not cause a dent in the wallet.

The main concept of Social is that they offer a shared workspace for many. If you pay Rs. 5000 a month you can redeem the amount against the alcohol and food. In addition, you can avail of the free Wi-Fi and use charging points for the phone. For a quiet corner, you can opt for the reserved section where you can sit and work peacefully in the afternoons. Interestingly, Khar Social also has a skating section.

On your first visit, the grunge look of the place might not appeal to you. It looks like a grim car workshop or maybe even a shanty. The feel is like that of a warehouse. Two storied and clean, the air-conditioner works well. The old styled office chairs promise comfortable seating. Filled with recycled and upcycled elements, the cafe offers an experience which is poles apart from that which sophisticated modern cafes promise. And oh yes, the music in the café is definitely worth a mention.


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