Keeping It Simple: Whiskey, Neat

Happiness is embracing the simple pleasures of life. And, when it comes to whiskey, nothing could be better than a neat pour. The golden tipple can work wonders if you’re open to appreciating the bold and fiery nuances of whiskey. So, next time you have the urge to toss ice cubes in your glass of whiskey, refrain from doing so.

The tasting notes of any whiskey unfurl as you drink it neat. Sipping it neat is drinking it like a pro, to taste the spirit just as it was distilled, straight out of the barrel.  The flavours of whiskey are often dulled when ice is added to it. Ice not only dilutes the taste, but also interferes with the nose of whisky. When you add water or ice, the ABV of the beverage is lowered. A teaspoon of water lowers a 40% ABV beverage to 30%.

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old has a unique depth, and complexity of flavours to it when tasted raw. A 50 ml neat drink of Jameson Irish Whiskey is a perfect balance of nuttiness and spices with hints of vanilla and sherry. The notable part of enjoying the complex aroma of whiskey comes down to the sensations of flavours through smell and taste. It may feel like a tongue-numbing liquor at first but, gradually a delightful explosion of peat, smoke, vanilla or the spicy undertones of whiskey kicks in. Take slow sips and savour the subtleties before swallowing it. You can also clean your palate by taking water between sips to let the flavours blossom.

With varied types of whisky brands on the offer, experimenting to find your favourite is the best way to heighten the experience of drinking whiskey. A glass of neat beautifully serves that purpose.