Jura joins coastal collection

Independent Scotch whisky bottlers Douglas Laing & Co. have recently released a new Jura 12-year old that joins their Coastal collection in celebrating the distilling history of Scotland.

There’s more to a single malt whisky than barley, yeast and water. Matured in a refill oloroso sherry butt, the single cask whisky is bottled at a strength of 48% ABV. Its maturation lends it a delicate balance of spices and fruits, alongside the typical rounded and rich Jura character.

Established in 1948 by Douglas Laing, the bottlers specialise in the distilling of craft, specialist whiskies. The rarest and finest of Scotch whiskies are hand-picked from all over Scotland to be bottled as the distiller would like, without colouring and with high alcohol strength.

Leading by innovation, Douglas Laing pays special attention to small batch, single cask and artisan bottling. Specialising in single grain, single malt, blended malt and blended whiskies, this thriving family business is now in its third generation. The Laings are constantly striving to exceed expectations and are driven to provide a high quality Scotch whisky experience to their customers.

According to Chairman Fred Laing, only four casks have been specially selected for maturation to stay true to the maritime heritage of the collection. Released under the bottles Provenance label, only 383 bottles will be available for sale, globally.

In keeping with Douglas Laing’s strongly held philosophy about keeping things as the distiller intended, the spirit is not coloured and nor is it chill-filtered. The bottle is in line with the collections nautical theme carrying images of rock oysters, ropes and colours that send of a maritime vibe.

Alongside the Jura 12-year old Scotch whisky, the Bunnahabhain 12-year old is also a part of the Coastal collection, which is set to be announcing two more new bottlings this year.






Whisky News source date: 
Monday, July 9, 2018