Jura Geared Up To Launch a Limited Edition Whisky

Jura announced the launch of its limited edition whisky in May. The distiller unveiled the new bottling at the annual island whisky festival that kicked off on June 1st 2017. The festival is unique and known for its consistent focus on crafting innovative ways to add that extra oomph to your whisky drinking experience. It lets whisky enthusiasts experience various exciting flavours. Not only the whisky pros, but also those new to the world of whisky can totally relish the fancy event. 

The cask-strength limited edition holds properties of some of the finest aged spirits of Jura. In fact, the latest version is further enhanced with hand-picked port pipes sourced from Portugal and special barrels such as those of the American White Oak ex-bourbons. On the nose, you will get a unique blend of fruit and creamy chocolate, while enjoying the chewy liquorice notes. The after taste is pretty awesome with a smooth amalgamation of walnut cake, orange zest, and Crème De Cassis.


The distillery manager in charge of overseeing the release of this limited edition at the Jura Tastival, 2017, took over the responsibility from the former manager who operated till September 2016. The guests were invited exclusively for the first trial of the Limited Edition at the island festival, which also had the bottles on sale. The producers claim that the beautiful bottles serve as perfect gifts without even having to wrap them. The illustrated tasting notes enable drinkers to traverse the world of whisky in one go.


Located at the eastern coast of Scotland, Jura has a single pub and distillery that was established as early as 1810. The distillery consists of 4 classic bottlings in the category of Jura Core, all ranging between sweet and smoky flavour profiles.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017