A Future-forward Blend

Imagine creating your own edition of Johnnie Walker, customised and delivered in a personalised bottle? Think unlikely? Well, that is possible now as the iconic label Johnnie Walker with its rich heritage continues to make great strides in the world of scotch whisky. By harnessing innovative technology, digital designers and the unmatched eexpertise of Johnnie Walker’s master blenders, they are catering to the unique tastes of the whisky lovers by offering exciting and engaging experiences.

The latest being the launch of a personalised Johnnie Walker whisky service experience. This online service enables customers to arrive at a list of new, exclusive Johnnie Walker whiskies that match their personal flavour preferences. Aptly known as ‘My Edition,’ this pilot phase of online service was developed by Diageo’s arm Diageo Future with Technology partner Vivanda – a personalised flavour expert. This build-your-own online whisky tool runs a set of questions to the customer and matches them with one of the six new whiskies based on their taste profile. It is extremely handy for whisky novices and connoisseurs in their quest for the one-of-a-kind bottle purchase.

The six unique blends all bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), are available on www.johnniewalkermyedition.com. Priced at £75, the My Edition range include Light & Zesty, Rich & Complex, Fresh & Delicate, Rich & Smoky, Rich & Fruity, and Vibrant & Spicy. Diageo Futures Head believes it to be an accessible, engaging and an easy-to-use tool with simple questions asked. Those using the tool are asked a series of questions, such as, “What scents do you like to wear?”, “When you're ordering in a restaurant, what do you choose?”, etc. They are then prompted to choose five favourite flavours and rate their preferences for coffee, spice and salt.

Based on the answers shared, Johnnie Walker My Edition uses varied algorithms and machine learning to match the taste profile from the range of six exclusive whiskies. After being paired with a whisky, they can opt to personalize the label with a special, engraved message on the glass bottle and customise the packaging it comes in.





Whisky News source date: 
Wednesday, September 5, 2018