Japan’s Tryst with Whisky: Yamazaki Distillery

Established in 1932 at Shimamoto, Yamazaki is the first ever commercial whisky distillery built in Japan. The ‘Whisky Library’ it is known for, has seven thousand unblended bottles on display. Soaring remarks by visitors from across the world earned the place the prestigious ‘Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year’ title at icons of Whisky, 2015.

Shinjiro Torii, Japan’s master blender initiated the build of this distillery. 1929 saw the launch of the first whisky in Japan, released at a price competitive with other well-known scotch brands in Japan. 1984 marked a significant year with the release of the most admired, Yamazaki 12 Years single malt whisky – an expression of craftsmen’s devotion towards concocting spirits.

The Whisky Museum

Today, the distillery boasts of its highly acclaimed whisky museum that exhibits close to 7000 varieties of malt whiskies.  It hosts a tasting corner that offers free trial of whiskies sourced from across the world. You get to experience the aroma of spirits distilled through various methods. The panel and videos display the entire history of the distiller, and that of whiskey in Japan. It offers a soothing environment while you enjoy free drinks at the tasting corner.

A Glimpse of the Products

Yamazaki single malt whiskey earned colossal fame for its brilliant aroma, in the international spirits contest. What sets it apart are the different categories that let you experience disparate fruit and flower fragrances. When you visit Yamazaki, don’t forget to try the 12 Years Succulent with Soft fruit, 18 Years Rich with mature fall fruit, and 25 Years Deep and complex with dried fruit.