Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey Set for October Release

Jack Daniel’s and Tennessee whiskey have become almost  synonymous with each other. In fact, the brand could quite possibly afford to cash in on their one main product, and continue to produce just that. However, with innovation being the name of today’s game in the business world, even giants like Jack Daniel’s need to experiment and provide novel creations. This is where Jack Daniel’s Rye comes into the picture. 

With a mash bill of 70 percent rye, 18 percent corn and 12 percent malted barley, the Jack Daniel’s Rye is mellowed with charcoal and aged in new barrels of American oak. The barrels are fashioned by the brewery’s own coopers. This is a 90 proof rye whiskey with an unspecified ageing time.

Jack Daniel’s Rye is characterized by notes of baking spice and caramel on the palate, with a lingering, piquant finish. The nose contains a fragrant blend of soft fruit with undertones of woody oak and spicy rye.

This latest variant is slated for launch in October, with a price tag of approximately 27 USD for a bottle of 750 ml. Jack Daniel’s has previously released another variant of rye whiskey, although this came with a heftier price tag.

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, December 18, 2017