Islay’s Brand-New Distillery is Selling Casks

Ardnahoe, Islay’s newest distillery is fast becoming a hotspot for whisky investors and private cask owners. The reason? The almost-completed whisky producing address in the scenic Scottish island has released a limited number of casks for sale through their official website.

The distillery has announced that buyers will be able to avail the Ardnahoe whisky soon after its filling starts in June 2018. Cask sales in new distilleries is a common phenomenon in the whisky industry. It helps distillers to sustain in the early days when operations primarily concentrate on distillation. It is only after aging for at least three years and one day that the distilled liquor can be called as Scotch, according to the Scottish law.

Ardnahoe has priced the cask at £7,000, which is higher than many other casks that have been on sale by other distilleries, expecting high-end consumers to recognise its value owing to its location, taste, and Jim McEwan. The legendary icon in the whisky industry was formerly the manager of Bowmare distillery. He is best known for reviving the Bruichladdich distillery, before he retired in 2015.

The Ardnahoe distillery project got him back into the industry, when Hunter Laing, well-known independent bottler of Scottish malt whisky, approached him. This is being regarded as the ultimate project of his career, a major opportunity for buyers to own the last piece of Jim McEwan.

In 2016, Hunter Laing & Co. had announced that they had begun constructing a new distillery overlooking the Sound of Islay. Ardnahoe was the second distillery after Kilchoman distillery came up in 2005 and gave Islay a new distillery after 124 years.

The £8 million spirit-making facility has been designed keeping in mind the lucrative whisky-tourism market. With a tasting room and a gigantic visitor centre, the distillery has already started serving its early visitors with quality whisky and other liquors. Among its other unique features, the facility has worm tubs that are used to infuse sulphur compounds in the whisky to make them heavily peated. Makers involved in the Ardnahoe project expect that its peated whiskies will compete with such whiskies of Islay, including those by Kilchoman and Lagavulin.

Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018