Irish Whiskey Jameson Debuts Immersive Experiences

Although Irish whiskey disappeared from popular consciousness for a while, the triple-distilled drink is set to make a major comeback. Jameson Distillery in Dublin has opened its gates to the public, offering three unique, interactive immersive experiences. The €11 million renovation of the new Jameson Distillery Bow St. certainly does not disappoint.

Sporting a new design with high ceilings, original fixtures and stunning visual effect, the distillery offers guided tours headed by brand ambassadors. The flagship Bow St. Experience allows visitors to slowly uncover the brand’s history and unique distillation processes, while enjoying a complimentary Jameson, Ginger and Lime drink.

For connoisseurs, the 90-minute Whiskey Makers tour provides an opportunity for exploring the art of distilling Jameson Original, Distiller’s Safe, Cooper’s Croze, and Blender’s Dog. Guests learn to identify the flavour profiles and end the tour by sampling whiskey straight from whiskey at the Jameson maturation warehouse.

Jameson’s Head Distiller, Brian Nation, had been talking about the concept for a while. “We were […] really excited about getting a maturation warehouse […] for people to come and see [the]actual Jameson whiskey being matured again in Dublin.”

The last third of the tour, called the Whiskey Shakers, is a cocktail masterclass aimed at amateur mixologists. Those part of the tour will be designated a private Jameson bartender who will walk guests through the ingredients, recipes and history behind the Jameson cocktails, both old and new.

The new set of tours puts Jameson back on the map as a major tourist attraction in Dublin and beyond.

Whisky News source date: 
Wednesday, May 24, 2017