Celebrate International Coffee Day with your favourite whiskey cocktails!

On International Coffee Day, people from all over the world celebrate the beverage that they have come to love and cherish for thousands of years. Coffee has been one of the most integral part of our daily lives, and the fragrance of roasted coffee beans have the ability to entice just about anyone. As we gear up to pay homage and commemorate International

Coffee Day this October 1, The Whiskypedia cannot help but think of ways to combine our love for coffee and whiskey together.   The more we thought about it, the more it made sense. It was the perfect idea, and since we are celebrating International Coffee Day with our favourite whiskey cocktails, how could we not share it with our readers. Whiskey feels otherworldly when you put it together with the magic of a freshly made espresso shot, and today is the perfect day to do it.  

Here are our favourite whiskey cocktail recipes made with coffee to help you enjoy your cuppa with a twist this International Coffee Day. Our first recipe is the most memorable conflation of coffee and whiskey ever created;


The Irish Coffee

International Coffee Day

It would be difficult to not think about coffee and whiskey, and not think about the pinnacle of their passionate dalliance. The Irish Coffee might just be the most perfect way for coffee and whiskey lovers to proclaim their love for either beverage, and at The Whiskypedia, we love them both equally. Kick off your celebrations for International Coffee Day in style by whipping yourself an easy and delicious cup of Irish Coffee! 
To read the recipe for the Irish Coffee, click here


The Kentucky Coffee

 International Coffee Day

Across the Atlantic, and in the land of Bourbon whiskey, the Americans found their own way to spice up the good ol’ coffee. If you happen to love Bourbon whiskey more than anything else, there is definitely a way for you to celebrate International Coffee Day with something extraordinary. A simple recipe with the rich aroma of freshly pressed coffee, and the goodness of Bourbon whiskey awaits.  

To read the recipe for the Kentucky Coffee, click here.

The Irish Coffee Affogato

 International Coffee Day

An interesting spin to the traditional Irish Coffee, the Irish Coffee Affogato combines two marvellous creations to make something sublime. Bring the pride of Ireland together with the decadent Italian coffee based dessert for your International Coffee Day celebrations. We can all agree that coffee is great, and whiskey is even better but can you imagine what coffee, whiskey and ice cream can do together?  

Add the Irish Coffee Affogato to your International Coffee Day celebrations by clicking here.

The Mississippi Mudslide

International Coffee Day with Whisky Cocktail

The Mississippi Mudslide was one of our top picks for World Chocolate Day whiskey cocktail recipes. However, the added delight of coffee ice cream also makes it one of the best whiskey cocktail recipes for International Coffee Day! Upgrade your coffee today with the Mississippi Mudslide, a whiskey cocktail that contains all the good things we love here at The Whiskypedia.  
To read the recipe for Mississippi Mudslide, click here.