International Bacon Day: Whiskies to Wash It Down

Okay, let’s admit it. Bacon is true love. So, when we found out about International Bacon Day, we were delighted, to say the least. We feel this was long due. The amount of heartaches we have gotten over would have been impossible without bacon. People disappoint, but can bacon ever?

Now we get it, there are several This-Day-and-That-Day and most of us do not take these days very seriously, in fact we don’t even remember or know about all the things that people celebrate year after year. You would probably ask us if we were kidding if we told you that there is International Waffle Day, but there is, okay?

If anything on this planet deserves to be honoured, it is undoubtedly bacon. Shout out to the bunch of undergrads from the University of Colorado Boulder who started observing this day. In Manchester, UK, Bucknell University students who call themselves “Meatheads”, celebrate International Bacon Day on January 14, prior to the beginning of examinations to take a break from all the revision work.

But globally, Bacon Day is unofficially observed on the Saturday preceding US Labor Day.

Not difficult to guess, in case you haven’t been a part of Bacon Day yet, it has a lot to do with consuming copious amounts of bacon at any hour of the day. If you have participated previously, you know this year on September 1, you are going to indulge in a lot of meat over breakfast, lunch, dinner, and definitely dessert.

But a social gathering which is primarily celebrating food remains incomplete unless you compliment it with liquor. So we decided to give you three awesome bacon dishes you must either cook/bake or just hog this Bacon Day and whiskies you must wash them down with.

Nutella and Bacon Stuffed French Toast

Once you have tasted Bacon and Nutella stuffed French toast, there’s no going back. Fluffy and soft, the kind that almost melts in your mouth, this French toast is a balance between the sweetness of the Nutella and the crispy meaty bacon. We believe you need a few drams of a splendid scotch like The Glenlivet to compliment the toast. Because The Glenlivet is fruity and creamy on the palate and largely vanilla on the nose, it offers a complimentary profile to the Nutella and bacon toast. 

Avocado Bacon and Eggs

Start celebrating International Bacon Day with this awesome yet easy-to-make breakfast dish. And here’s why you are going to love it. It has bacon, eggs, cheese, and then there is the avocado that holds all three. It is simple and filling and is a delightful combination with Seagram’s 100 Pipers. The soft and creamy texture of the whisky along with its caramel essence offers a soothing experience that matches up to the freshness of an avocado bacon egg.

Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn

It is perfectly alright if you aren’t very social and feel like spending the day on your couch just binge watching a series, or catching up on movies you have missed out recently. Now, few things beat the age old combination of popcorn, Coke and film. In fact what beats this is the spicy caramel bacon popcorn paired with a whisky of your choice. However, we recommend Jameson Irish Whiskey. The rich buttery smoky notes of the whisky accentuate the spice and sweetness of the popcorn and chances you are not going back to your regular popcorn ever again.

There are other brilliant bacon recipes available, for instance the stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, bacon cookies or blueberry bacon breakfast cake. Point is, it is a Saturday, so if you don’t have much work, sharpen your culinary skills a little and relax with your bacon and whisky. As of the whisky, don’t worry about it. It is a versatile liquor and no matter how you pair your bacon and drink, it can’t go wrong.

So here’s celebrating bacon and love, and washing down both with some whisky!