Infographic: Authors Who Love Whisky


The Moonshine Maker of Islay

Scotland, home of the , is shrouded in a rich heritage of legend and folklore. There were illicit whisky brewers who distilled their whisky by night, and the whisky was called “moonshine” as it was made under the light of the moon. There were smugglers who smuggled this whisky across the water, setting sail from smuggler coves, which are still known as “smugglers’ coves” all along the eastern coast. Scotch whisky is the child of the days of adventure, daring, romanticism and the Highland spirit of entrepreneurship.

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Underrated Scotch Whiskies You Need To Try Today

As with just about any product, a lot of quality get overlooked from time to time in lieu of the more mainstream and popular names. Barring a few adventurous whiskyheads, most people stick to a handful of safe choices, treating new releases with scepticism and disdain.

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Scottish Whisky Festivals That All Scotch Lovers Should Attend

Nothing, and no one is more Scottish than Scotch itself, and the drink is in fact so popular, the word whisky is derived from the Gaelic term, uisge beatha, which literally translates to ‘the water of life.’

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