The Infinity Bottle - Dregs of Whisky, Oodles of Magic

Infinity Bottle - sounds like a mysterious elixir or a magical potion? For whisky lovers, it is this and so much more. An infinity bottle is not just a “mixed” blend of leftover whisky; it is an art form—one which is unique to each Whisky connoisseur and is a mirror to their quirky personalities.

If you, too, want to be a part of this exclusive club of whisky lovers and understand the craft behind infinity bottles, then you are at the right place.

Whether you are an ardent Whisky aficionado keen on perfecting their skills at infinity bottles or someone new to this craft- these expert tips will help you create an unparalleled infinity bottle.

The Science Behind the Glorious Art of Infinity Bottles

All set with your choice of Whiskies? Great. Here are five simple expert tips and tricks to get you started.

Bottle It Up -It seems trivial, but the bottle you use matters. After all, it’s where you store your golden liquid in all its glory. Ideally, you should choose a glass bottle with a seal. The seal is essential so that the flavors can mature over time without any dilutions.

Whisky Goals - Nope, this is not a hashtag! When you begin with your infinity bottle, make sure you have a flavor profile in mind. This does not mean you don’t experiment and have fun. It’s just easier to select your brew, blend in the right quantity, so you have a good flavor to experiment with as you progress.

Foundations - Curating an infinity bottle is no small feat. But, like all good structures, it needs a solid foundation. So, choose your base whisky with care. It’s best to select one with softer tones and flavors. You can then add more complex flavors to get a balanced yet potent concoction.

Control Rooms - Get your white coat out and loosen that tie, Mister, for the whisky lab is now your playground. As you build your flavor profile and sample it, you will want to experiment a lot more with different dregs. While this is an excellent step towards mastery, we suggest you do this with a small portion. Add what you like, let it rest, sample it and then add it to your infinity bottle.

Aging Like Whisky - The older, the better may not be true for all things, but it surely is for whisky. If you have dregs from an aged whisky bottle - a vintage even, then you are in for a treat. Since the texture of whisky gets more complex and nuanced with time, you can add small quantities to your bottle. Top that with new whisky dregs, and marvel at what you have just created. Voila, your infinity bottle is ready!

Welcome to The Start of Infinity

You did great. Now rest, and most importantly, let your infinity bottle rest. A swig straight of a new mix may be overpowering and confusing. So let your bottle rest for a couple of weeks - the textures will smoothen and blend into your preferred flavor profile.

Before we leave you to enjoy your personalized drink, know that the best infinity bottles are, without doubt, made from good whiskies - but how do you distinguish the good from the mediocre? Check out our detailed guides to all things whisky at The Whiskypedia!