Must Have Indian Whisky Brands for your Home Bar

Indian Whisky Brands for Home Bar

One of the world’s largest and strongest whisky consuming markets, India not only welcomes Scotch, Bourbon and Irish whiskey with open arms but also continues to harbor a prospering Indian whisky industry.

The astronomical demand for whisky in India has allowed Whisky Brands in India to cater to whisky lovers across segments. Whether it’s the budget and economical segment, or the more premium variants, Indian whisky brands are going head to head with their international counterparts producing some of the finest drinks available in the market.

Brands such as Blenders Pride, Amrut Single Malt whisky, and many more have upped the ante when it comes to the reputation of Indian whisky internationally, making it a truly credible option in the minds of whisky lovers worldwide.

Infuse a one-of-a-kind versatility into your home bar by adding these marvelous Indian whiskies that are adding a whole new dimension to India’s whisky loving attributes by taking it full circle; from the love of whisky drinking to whisky making.

1. Blenders Pride

An extremely popular brand, both critically and commercially, Blenders Pride captured the imagination of the Indian whisky lover with their supreme and consistent quality at an astonishingly affordable price.

Blenders Pride – Indian Whisky Brand

A blended Indian whisky, Blenders Pride is a blend of imported Scottish malts from none other than the Chivas Brothers, with the finest Indian grain whiskies. The quality of the source whiskies used for the Blenders Pride blend make it one of the smoothest Indian whisky brands available in the market. Blenders Pride makes the perfect addition to any home bar as it is a fine example of a blended Indian whisky matched by few.

2. Royal Stag Barrel Select

The Royal Stag brand is one of India’s most widely known whisky brands, and was the first Indian whisky brand to eliminate the use of recycled bottles, and artificial coloring for their whisky. Royal Stag was also a pioneer behind the popularization of the use of grain whiskies for Indian whisky blends, instead of the cheaper molasses based neutral spirit which was popular at the time among its competitors.

Royal Stag Barrel Select – Indian Whisky Brand

The Royal Stag Barrel Select expression was launched in 2011, a new premium introduction in the Indian whisky segment. The Royal Stag Barrel Select blend is aged in meticulously selected Oak barrels that helps it achieve the smooth, and aromatic quality that has become synonymous with the Royal Stag brand. It is the ideal choice for a ‘whisky-for-all-occasions’, allowing you to enjoy a dram or two whenever the mood strikes, and its stylish bottle makes sure it adds to the prestige of your treasured whisky collection.

3. Amrut Single Malt Whisky

The first Indian single malt whisky, Amrut Distilleries ventured into a territory that had not yet been treaded on by any Indian distiller. There were multiple reasons why Indian distilleries never tried to distill a single malt whisky that would meet, and even surpass international standards such as the costs involved, hardly any demand and the consumer’s skepticism and preference of imported whiskies such as Scotch and Bourbon.

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky

Founder J. N. Radhakrishna Rao Jagdale’s son, Neelkanta Rao Jagdale, was the man who pioneered the distillation of India’s first single malt whisky, and decided to call it ‘Amrut’, translated as ‘Nectar’ in Hindi. Amrut Single Malt debuted in 2004, initially met with skepticism but gained prominence when it managed to impress Jim Murray, author of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. The first ever Indian single malt whisky surely deserves a coveted spot on your home bar.

4. Peter Scot Black

Another robust single malt whisky from India, Peter Scot Black was recently released as part of the Peter Scot whisky range, owned by Khoday India Limited, one of the largest Indian manufacturers of alcoholic beverages.

Peter Scot is the flagship brand of blended Indian whisky from the house of Khoday India Limited, and has been available in the Indian market since 1968. Originally a blended Indian whisky, Khoday added the Peter Scot Black single malt this year, throwing their hat in the ring to battle with Amrut and Paul John, two other prominent distillers of single malt whiskies in India.

5. Antiquity Blue

From the house of United Spirits India Ltd., Antiquity Blue is one of the oldest Indian whisky brands originally released by Shaw Wallace & Co. in 1992. It is a standard blended Indian whisky comprising Scotch malts, Indian grain whiskies and neutral spirits.

Antiquity Blue Whisky – Indian Whisky Brand

Antiquity Blue is one of India’s most popular blended whisky brands, and is sought after for its smooth taste and uniquely designed bottle. The brand’s grain whiskies are sourced from Cameronbridge in Scotland as per the brand, and the sapphire colored curvaceous bottle would be a great Indian whisky addition to your home bar.

These are some of the most deserving and exceptional Indian whiskies available in the market that would make invaluable additions to your home bar, delighting you and your guests for many special days and nights.