India Drinks the Most Whiskey in the World

In a strange turn of events, a recent survey revealed that India drinks the most whiskey in the world, beating the more popular native-whiskey producing countries like UK and US.

This South East Asian country consumes almost 1,600,000,000 liters of whiskey each year. The number is almost close to half of the world’s whiskey supply. However, most distillers in India use molasses as a base for their whiskies. So, connoisseurs may prefer to call it rum. Interestingly, the country that follows India in this respect is Uruguay, consuming about 1.8 liters per year. The Americans are placed third on this list, drinking close to a liter-and-a-half annually.

In per capita terms, sources state that Indians are not the most prodigious whiskey drinkers. This tag has gone to France, where each person drinks more than two liters of whiskey every year. It was also reported that Angola distills the largest volume—about 90%— in terms of the market share for local spirits. The same in India or UAE is close to only 50%.

As for the specific types of whiskey consumed, the French are said to prefer scotch over all else, purchasing 180 million bottles every year. In that respect, the US is said to buy 120 million bottles, which roughly translates to 230 million liters a year.

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Friday, June 9, 2017