Iceland’s Finest Eimverk Distillery

With its chilly and dark winter months, Iceland has the perfect reason to pour yourself a dram of whisky. And it’s not just whisky (the locally distilled spirit), you wouldn’t want to miss exploring the stunning beauty of the place. Located in the outskirts of Reykjavik, the distillery was initiated by three brothers who started operating out of a garage. The first few years were spent solely on experimenting with 165 odd recipes, before the very first Floki was left in casks, to mature. Today, the distillery’s undisputed fame owes primarily to its Flóki whisky range apart from the local alcohol, Brennivín.

A bit about Eimverk

Icelandic literature lacks the word that appropriately captures the meaning of a distillery. Hence, a bit of creativity was needed while naming the spot. The short form of distilling in Ireland, is Eim, and verk, means, ‘a job being accomplished’. Organically grown barley is used for the Floki as Iceland does not have the ideal climate and land for crops to flourish. Also, barley grown in Iceland is low on sugar. Hence, the consumption of barley for producing a batch of alcohol is 50% more in Iceland than that of other countries. It proves to be uneconomic, but allows Floki its distinctive oily, spicy taste.

You may want to try…

The distillery boasts of a few of the finest spirits – Floki Young Malt First Impression, Floki Young Malt Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve, and Floki – Icelandic Single Malt. The unique distillation equipment owned by Eimverk, extracts the entire flavor of barley, after which the liquor is matured inside American oak barrels.